Robert Newcomb

Robert Newcomb is the author of The Destinies of Blood and Stone: Savage Messiah and A March into Darkness, as well as The Chronicles of Blood and Stone: The Fifth Sorceress, The Gates of Dawn, and The Scrolls of the Ancients. He lives in Florida with his wife, a neuropsychologist and novelist. Visit the author’s website at

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Author: Robert Newcomb | Narrator: Simon Jones
Release Date: July 15, 2003
Epic fantasy found an exhilarating new voice in Robert Newcomb, whose monumental debut novel, The Fifth Sorceress, was hailed by readers and critics alike. And now, for all those spellbound by the tale of Prince Tristan, heir to the throne of Eutracia, his twin sister Princess Shailiha, the ancient wizard Wigg, and the fate of their enchanted land, there is indeed more—much more—to be told.
Author: Robert Newcomb | Narrator: John Lee
Release Date: May 30, 2002
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