Artie Lange
When Artie Lange joined the permanent cast of The Howard Stern Show in 2001, most fans would agree it was one of the greatest things ever to happen in the Stern universe. Lange provided Stern with a wit quick enough to keep pace with his own, a personal history both heartbreaking and hilarious, and an ingrained sense of self-sabotage that continually keeps things interesting. True fans will find Artie gold in these pages: riotous tales from his days driving a Jersey cab, working as a longshoreman in Port Newark, and navigating the dark circuit of stand-up comedy. There are outrageous episodes from the frenzied heights of his coked-up days at MADtv, surprisingly moving stories from his childhood, and an account of his recent USO tour that is equally stirring and irreverent. Complete with a Foreword by Howard Stern and raw new material, this volume also features stories that Artie has never told before, including some that he deemed too revealing for radio. Wild, shocking, and drop-dead hilarious, this is Artie Lange giving everything he’s got to give.
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Author: Artie Lange | Narrator: Artie Lange, The Reverend Bob Levy, Gary Dell'Abate and Jim Florentine
Release Date: November 11, 2008
When Artie Lange joined the permanent cast of The Howard Stern Show in 2001, it was possibly the greatest thing ever to happen in the Stern universe, second only to the show’s move to the wild, uncensored frontier of satellite radio.
ISBN: 9780739381977
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