This Is The Author | Jen Waite

“It is about basically finding an email when my daughter was three weeks old that led me to the discovery that my husband was not who I thought he was. And showing the really perfect fairy tale ‘before’ aspects of our relationship and then the ‘after’ parts, where I’m just uncovering lie after lie and kind of unraveling this double life he had been living. I wrote my book because I actually didn’t feel like I had a choice not to. It kind of wrote itself in four months and it felt like I was writing to survive.”

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This Is The Author | Michelle Kuo

“My book, Reading with Patrick, is about a student of mine named Patrick, and this remarkable literary and intellectual awakening we experienced together in a county jail in Arkansas. He was a student in my class who was incredibly bright, really quiet, and just had trouble coming to school. I really encouraged him to come to school to write and to read and we had this incredible year together where he improved incredibly. Three years after this, I’ve left Arkansas—it’s a place where a lot of people leave—I agonize about it, I decide to go to law school. My parents are like, “what the heck are you doing in Arkansas?” Three years later, I’m in law school and I find out from a friend that Patrick had gotten into a fight and killed someone. I was totally devastated. I was shocked. I went back to Arkansas to visit him in county jail and I discovered that his reading skills had regressed. They were worse when I first met him in the eighth grade, and it’s because he had dropped out of school the year after I left the Delta. The heart of the book is really about us reading together in jail for seven months while we’re waiting for his trial, and about the incredible agility and the power of reading together and writing together. And it’s also about me grappling with my own failures and trying to think about the legacy of racism and poverty in the Mississippi Delta.”

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The Witchwood Crown: An Epic Return to a Classic Fantasy World

Twenty-four years is a long time to wait for a sequel. We have colleagues at the Penguin Random House offices who hadn’t been born the last time Tad Williams published an Osten Ard novel. But now, twenty-four years after the original publication of To Green Angel Tower, we have the first entry in a new trilogy following the characters of the Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn trilogy that captured imaginations years ago. Twenty-four years have passed in Osten Ard as well, and although the cast is largely the same as that of the original trilogy, the world of Osten Ard has become very different indeed. The Witchwood Crown is the best kind of sequel: it expands on the characters and world that made the original series memorable, giving them a new adventure and an updated world to explore.  READ MORE

French Reads
Eight Books that Will Inspire You to Go to France

France is known for its delectable wines, decadent food, and classic culture. With these eight audiobooks, ranging from memoir to fiction, you’ll be transported and inspired. READ MORE

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