This Is The Author | Thomas Pierce

“My book is about loss and impermanence, death but most essentially, love; it’s a love story. It’s about a young man named Jim Bird, who at the beginning of the book, dies, technically for just a few minutes, and returns with no memory of any lights, or angels or tunnels, or anything exciting like that. Anything that indicates there might be something waiting for him on the other side, or waiting for any of us for that matter. And coming back with that knowledge spurs an investigation of sorts into hopefully there is something and maybe he didn’t see it.”

This Is The Author | Matt De La Peña

“When you’re young, love is given to you if you’re lucky enough to have at least one caring parent or caretaker, but over the course of a child’s life, I think the idea of love evolves. I was trying to explore that. And I think at some point there’s always going to be a fall from grace and I wanted to see how does a kid go from realizing their initial perception of love doesn’t fit with the real world and it has to be something bigger and greater, something they seek on their own.”

This Is The Author | Daniel H. Pink

“I wrote this book because I wanted to read it. A couple of years ago I realized I was making all kinds of “When” decisions in my life. Everything from “when” to exercise during the day to “when” to do certain kinds of work, to “when” to abandon a project. And I realized I was making those decisions in a pretty haphazard way.”

This is the Author | Gary Noesner

“The book’s about my career as a negotiator in responding to a wide range of hostage barricade and suicide incidents—covering prison riots, right-wing malicious stand-offs, religious zealot sieges, terrorist embassy takeovers, airplane hijackings, and the kidnapping of American citizens abroad.”

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