5 Audiobooks Inspired by Fairytales & Folklore

People have long been fascinated by fairytales and folklore. From television and film to the stage and books, fairytales and folklore have been adapted, modernized, and used as the source of inspiration for original content. Here are five enchanting audiobooks that will add a little magic to your day: READ MORE

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Vogue Knitting Live: A Knitter’s Paradise

Yarn, beads, buttons, needles…and audiobooks! That’s a quick summary of our weekend at Vogue Knitting Live in NYC. We had a great time talking patterns and great listens with the 6,000+ attendees of the show. What an enthusiastic bunch! I think it’s safe to say we’re all inspired to craft more this winter, and we have some great project recommendations to get us going. READ MORE

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Queen Victoria
Books to Complement PBS Masterpiece’s VICTORIA

Royalty will never cease to fascinate and enthrall us. Just take a look at the countless number of books and films that have been about royal families around the world and through time. Joining that long list is PBS Masterpiece’s new series Victoria, which premiered recently. We can easily say that we’re hooked. If you, like us, are itching to discover more about Queen Victoria, you’re in luck. We’ve gathered together a few audiobooks that are sure to satisfy your curiosity. READ MORE

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DC Trip: One Hilarious Ride

We can all agree that Washington, D.C. feels like a real-life circus these days, with every news channel cycling through the latest surreal event or bizarre sound bite from our Executive Branch. The phrase “truth is stranger than fiction” has never felt more real.

But in DC Trip by Sara Benincasa, a group of teachers and teenagers on a school trip to our country’s capital make the current politicians seem as innocent as newborn kittens. READ MORE

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Staff Picks
What We’re Listening To – January’s Picks

Hay House podcastI’ve sworn off making resolutions, but I do use the start of another new year to recommit to growing as a person. Since January 1st, I’ve been listening to guided meditations on a more regular basis. I find it helps me start and end my day on a positive note, and it keeps me more focused throughout the course of the day. Louise Hay, the founder of Hay House, Inc., has a variety of meditations that I choose from for both the morning and the evening. Hay House also has a meditation podcast. READ MORE

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Lucky Boy: A Timely and Timeless Story

With love, family, and identity at its core, Lucky Boy is timeless. It’s about yearning for something that seems out of reach, and achieving that something only to have it snatched away. These relatable themes drive the parallel, yet conflicting, lives of the two protagonists. What makes this story as timely as it is timeless is its acute treatment of identity, particularly a modern American identity. READ MORE

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This is the Author | Sara Benincasa

“My book is about a group of teens who go on what’s a pretty typical trip for kids on the east coast to take during middle school or high school.”

Learn more about DC Trip.