This is the Author | Dave Zirin

“I wrote my book because I really felt like Jim Brown is a complicated figure, and we don’t write enough about complicated people. He is not perfect, he is not evil, he is not an angel. I think that in itself provides lessons that are incredibly rich for us today. We don’t do much good in this world when we put our heroes so high up on a pedestal that we can’t even reach them.”

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Flowers Floral Wedding
Wedding Bells are Ringing with These 5 Audiobooks

There’s nothing quite like watching a couple exchange their “I do’s” to spark romance. In fact, there’s an endless supply of fantastic rom-com wedding stories that do just that. With these fun, flirty, and romantic audiobooks, you’ll be smiling and rooting for happily ever after the entire time! READ MORE

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This is the Author | Eliza Kennedy

“I started out wanting to write a book about how a marriage could survive infidelity. I had this idea of creating this character who was a very powerful woman, who had everything in her life under control, who then had to confront this massive, unexpected problem. Then I was going to show how she got through it. The interesting thing what happened is that she had other ideas. As I wrote the book, I got father and farther away from what I thought it was going to be about.”

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This is the Author | Michael Pollan

“This subject is something of a departure for me. I think a lot of people associate me with books about food and agriculture or maybe gardening. But if you go back far enough there’s a strain of interest or continuity that perhaps explains it. I think my real subject as a writer is the human engagement with nature, with other species in nature.”

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This is the Author | Mark Adams

“The seed for this book was actually a vacation I took to Seattle a few years ago when I stopped in Pioneer Square. There was a giant totem pole there and there was a ranger wearing a smoky bear hat. He told me that in 1899, there had been a brief fad of stealing totem poles from Alaska.”

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Audiobooks For the Mind & Body

Since 1949, May has marked the observance of Mental Health Month. Each year there is a different theme under the overarching idea of self-care and the importance of mental health in gauging overall wellness. READ MORE

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teacher in a classroom with students at school
6 Stories Featuring Fantastic Teachers

When you’re growing up, your teachers are some of the most influential adults in your life. Share the encouraging, caring, intelligent teachers in these beloved audiobooks with the young listeners you know. READ MORE

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