This is the Author | Ashley Eckstein

“The inspiration for my book was actually a conversation I was having with the Disney book group. I was working with them to promote the book AHSOKA, which I did the audiobook for and helped promote since I do the voice of Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars. And we were brainstorming what more we could do together, and somebody asked me if I’d be interested in telling my story of how I started her universe and how I became the voice of Ahsoka. I said, ‘You know, I don’t really feel like I’ve lived enough of a life to write a memoir, in fact I still feel like I have several more chapters yet to live out. But I would love to write an advice book because I do not feel that I would have a story to tell without Disney. Disney taught me how to dream it and do it.'”

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This is the Author | Mayim Bialik

“What planted the seed for BOYING UP was GIRLING UP, which I wrote to explain the process of becoming a woman from a girl. And there was a lot of interest from people I spoke to who liked GIRLING UP who wondered if I could do the equivalent for boys.”

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This is the Author | Fred Kofman

“THE MEANING REVOLUTION is a book about the difficulties every company has to solve in order to operate effectively. This is a dilemma between individual accountability and collective cooperation. On the one hand, every company wants each one of its members to work as hard and as conscientiously as possible. But on the other hand, the company also wants each member to subordinate their own individual work to the collective needs of the organization as a whole.”


This is the Author | Melissa Broder

“I was inspired to write this book after I had just completed writing my last two books: SO SAD TODAY, which is a collection of essays, and LAST SEXT, which is a collection of poems…and I found myself still trying to parse what love is, what lust is, and fantasy from reality, so I was still obsessed with these topics.”

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This is the Author | Grant Wahl

“The inspiration for this book was actually a classic baseball book by the political writer George Will, who became a sports writer for a time and wrote a book called MEN AT WORK: THE CRAFT OF BASEBALL. And I am very upfront saying that this is George Will’s idea for soccer, because his book was terrific.”


This is the Author | Allison Pataki

“What planted the seed for this book idea was that following Dave’s stroke, because I knew he couldn’t remember anything in his state of amnesia and I didn’t really count on myself to be able to remember everything about the ICU and rehab, I began writing him a series of letters. And the word document, I saved it just the first night as DearDave.doc because that was how the first letter started.”


This is the Author | Alison Green

“My book ASK A MANAGER is about the difficult conversations you might need to have at work during your career and how to approach them, including the specific wording to use when you do. It focuses in particular on the awkward and kind of cringey conversations that people dread the most, things like what to say if you’re allergic to your boss’s perfume, or if you made a pretty serious mistake at work, or if you lost your cool and you snapped at a coworker.”

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This is the Author | Rick Bragg

“This is what I guess some people would call a food memoir. THE BEST COOK IN THE WORLD came about because of a time when my mom was sick. I was in her kitchen in her cabin in the foothills of the Appalachians and it just struck me as how wrong it was—she was in the hospital, and the kitchen was cold and dark and empty, and it was just wrong. And it struck me then that there was no written record of her food. Not just recipes, but there was no written history, no memoir in even the most unofficial way, of how her food came to be. I wrote this book because I wanted to fix that.”

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