5 Audiobooks Inspired by Fairytales & Folklore

People have long been fascinated by fairytales and folklore. From television and film to the stage and books, fairytales and folklore have been adapted, modernized, and used as the source of inspiration for original content. Here are five enchanting audiobooks that will add a little magic to your day: Read more

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Queen Victoria
Books to Complement PBS Masterpiece’s VICTORIA

Royalty will never cease to fascinate and enthrall us. Just take a look at the countless number of books and films that have been about royal families around the world and through time. Joining that long list is PBS Masterpiece’s new series Victoria, which premiered recently. We can easily say that we’re hooked. If you, like us, are itching to discover more about Queen Victoria, you’re in luck. We’ve gathered together a few audiobooks that are sure to satisfy your curiosity. Read more

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Tips for Starting a Book Club

Book clubs are a great excuse to get together with friends on a regular basis and enjoy each other’s company, opinions, and conversations.  Want to get this going with your group of friends and/or family but don’t know where to get started?  Check out these tips and you’ll be meeting to discuss your first book in no time! Read more

Audiobooks and Book Clubs: Suggested Questions

Like book clubs, audiobook clubs offer the all too rare opportunity for socializing and discussing literature with friends.  However, listening adds another dimension to a story.  Audiobooks have the words and literature to examine and discuss, but also the performance of the reader to consider. Read more

Audiobooks and Book Clubs: Pick a theme!

Audiobooks are perfect for multi-tasking, so why not do the same with your book club meeting?  Here are a few ideas for combining activities along with listening, and maybe even your discussion too:

Knitting Clubs:  Bring together a group centered around two interests – knitting and books.  Members can swap patterns and advice, or knit during the discussion.  Preparation for the meetings is easy:  listen while you knit!  For some title suggestions, visit:  www.tryaudiobooks.com/crafters.php Read more