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Better Together: Book Club Picks for Self-Improvement

Sticking to personal goals can be hard even when you’re motivated to achieve them. So why not make it a little easier for yourself by recruiting other people with similar goals to join you? Since we’re still just beginning 2017, why not suggest to your book club that your next pick be a self-care title that will encourage everyone to accomplish a personal goal? Read more

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Nine Book Adaptations to Listen to Before Seeing Them On Screen in 2017

Seeing book adaptations on screen (whether film or television) is always fun to do when you’ve read the book. It’s also a great way to introduce the book to a wider audience. Take a look at nine upcoming adaptations that you should listen to before seeing them on screen. Read more

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Repeat Listens for Groundhog Day

“That’s right, woodchuck chuckers. It’s Groundhog Day!” While winter may (or may not) be coming to an end soon, we’re going to kick back with some hot chocolate and a good audiobook. In the spirit of the film Groundhog Day, we’re going to celebrate by listening to some of our favorite audiobooks again. These are the audiobooks that delighted us with gripping stories and engaging narrators, the ones we can’t help but listen to again and again. Life sure does have a funny way of repeating itself… Read more

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5 Audiobooks Inspired by Fairytales & Folklore

People have long been fascinated by fairytales and folklore. From television and film to the stage and books, fairytales and folklore have been adapted, modernized, and used as the source of inspiration for original content. Here are five enchanting audiobooks that will add a little magic to your day: Read more

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