This is the Author | Marc and Angel Chernoff

“Getting Back to Happy is really the journey of the lessons we learned from losing two loved ones back to back to illness and suicide and then losing Angel’s breadwinning job in the downturn of the economy. Certainly, there’s people who have it worse but everyone internalizes pain and depression and grief in different ways. It was a very low point in our lives.”

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This is the Author | Dave Zirin

“I wrote my book because I really felt like Jim Brown is a complicated figure, and we don’t write enough about complicated people. He is not perfect, he is not evil, he is not an angel. I think that in itself provides lessons that are incredibly rich for us today. We don’t do much good in this world when we put our heroes so high up on a pedestal that we can’t even reach them.”

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This is the Author | Roger Bennett and Michael Davies

The Men in Blazers are two English-born, soccer-obsessed broadcasters who have savored the dizzying growth of the game along with millions of Americans, as if it was a rollicking, sporting telenovela playing out in real life. This is their behind-the-scenes interview discussing the recording of Men in Blazers Present Encyclopedia Blazertannica.

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Wedding Bells are Ringing with These 5 Audiobooks

There’s nothing quite like watching a couple exchange their “I do’s” to spark romance. In fact, there’s an endless supply of fantastic rom-com wedding stories that do just that. With these fun, flirty, and romantic audiobooks, you’ll be smiling and rooting for happily ever after the entire time! READ MORE

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