Audiobooks Featuring Actors from Christopher Guest Movies
Best in Studio: Your Favorite Christopher Guest Film Stars on Audio

It’s always fun to hear an actor you recognize from TV and film as an audiobook narrator. Even more fun? When you can build a listen-list for yourself based on a group of actors from a series of films that you love. Cue Christopher Guest’s hilarious roster of actors.

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This is the Author | Laura June

“What inspired me to write this memoir was I had a daughter four years ago, and my mother, who had been dead for a long time, was an alcoholic. And as I began to write about motherhood I realized that one thing that was very important to me, in my life with my daughter, was to sort of break a cycle of silence and secrecy that exists within most alcoholic families.”

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This is the Author | Camas Davis

“I was inspired to write the book when my old editor-in-chief from SAVEUR Magazine reached out to me while I was in France because he’d read some online post that I’d written and said, ‘You should think about writing a book.’ And I remember telling him, ‘No, I don’t want to write a book.'”

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This is the Author | Jean Guerrero

“I was inspired by Isabel Allende’s memoir PAULA, which she wrote when her daughter was in a coma, which she ultimately did not recover from. I remember I found that book when I was in my MFA program, already pretty close to done with my book. I read that and I saw how she was addressing her daughter directly, and giving the family history to her daughter in an effort to revive her daughter and bring her back to this world. And I realized that what I had wanted to do all along with this book, which felt a little crazy to me in my head, was something that could actually be done.”

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