This is the Author | Shawn Achor

“I started to realize that if happiness was all about just you, there’s this invisible cap that occurs in terms of your happiness where we can’t seem to sustain the growth or continue its growth up even higher. So we started to think a little bit differently about happiness. And the conclusion I came to, which is the reason I wrote BIG POTENTIAL, is that I think that happiness, while it is an individual choice, is not just a personal choice; it’s also an interconnected one.”

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This is the Author | Katie Hurley

“My book is about raising confident and compassionate girls. I’ve been working with girls in therapy and in groups for almost 20 years now and I’ve seen a lot of changes in girlhood. One thing that I started to notice about 10 years ago was that the mean girl phenomenon seemed to be starting younger and younger.”

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Kangaroo Australia Day
This is the Author | Light Watkins

“My book is about how to approach meditation as a layperson. A lot of times when we think about meditation we normally associate it with this sort of monastic type of activity. I learned how to meditate with this person 15 years ago who really changed my life and changed my understanding of the practice and I wanted to share those principles with other people who were like me, who were struggling to meditate, people who had a lot of questions around the practice. In order to give them answers in a real world practical way.”

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