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6 Audios to Keep Your Heart Racing

From high-stakes thrillers to dark, domestic suspense novels, you can keep your heart racing during your workouts (and post-workout!) with these six audiobooks.  READ MORE

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Inspiring Audiobooks for Graduates

You’ve received your diploma, and now you’re seeking advice for the path that lies ahead. Look no further than these audiobooks: each one is chock full of wisdom about following your dreams and living a fulfilling life after graduation. READ MORE

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5 Audiobooks to Help You Run Better

Motivating yourself to run and motivating yourself to run your best every single run can be daunting. With the help of these five audiobooks, you can learn how to push and inspire yourself. READ MORE

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This is the Author | Richard Russo

“This book wasn’t so much written as collected, in the sense that over the years (and some of these essays are fairly old, some of them go back a good decade or so), writers get the opportunity every now and then to give talks. Most of the time when you have a book out, people ask you to read from the book. Other times, people want what I guess is being referred to these days as valued added. You’ve written this book, or a bunch of books, but people want to know what’s going on inside you.”

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This is the Author | Jan Chozen Bays, M.D.

“What planted the seed for this book was beginning to see children who were obese and beginning to see Type II Diabetes in children, which in the entirety of my training in pediatrics we had never seen before. And so I realized we had a very serious problem. Also what inspired me was doing mindful eating myself for decades and enjoying it so much, and then finding that when I did classes or workshops on mindful eating, people really enjoyed it a lot themselves. And also they had a lot of insights about their behaviors and were freed from kinds of prisons they had put themselves in around eating.”

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This is the Author | James and Deborah Fallows

“I think there were two ideas behind this book. One of them is simply the joy of exploration. Before Deb and I began these travels around the country we’d been living for a number of years in China. And there we had a bias in favor of just going whenever we could–on trains or buses or horses or yaks–to see remote things. We had the opportunity to do that in the U.S. because of our long background with a small airplane, so we thought: let’s try it here. The other, as time went on, was to sort of grab people by the lapels and tell them what we had seen.”

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