Gardening Activities for Audiobook Listeners

Are you tired of talking to your plants without ever hearing anything in return? We have the perfect companion for your next day in the garden! Audiobooks are a great companion to gardening – you can catch up on your favorite authors without having to put down your rake or trowel. Here are some free gardening activities along with some audiobook sample clips that will complement each activity. For more audiobook recommendations and free downloads, visit   Read more

Five Audiobooks We’re Looking Forward To in 2016

2015 was an incredible year for audiobooks, but 2016 is looking even better! We will be publishing brand new audiobooks from New York Times bestselling authors, and new entries in your favorite series. From romances, to thrillers, to science fiction, we have exciting new listens for all in the New Year. Here are just a few of the audiobooks we can’t wait to listen to in 2016:

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Audiobooks as Sous Chefs – Cook and Read at the Same Time

For some, the act of cooking is relaxing. For others, it’s a chore. For readers, it’s one more thing that stops us from finishing our book.

But no longer! Now, you can cook and read at the same time. Read more

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