Julia Child and the Chef Memoir

Julia Child is a legend. She’s inspired home cooks to try dishes they never thought they would be able to make on their own. On August 15, she would have turned 105. In honor of her, why not listen to one of these Julia Child memoirs and biographies? Read more

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This Is The Author | David Gessner

“After I graduated from college, I set about becoming a writer and playing ultimate frisbee. And I kept doing those things for about 15 years. I wrote about a lot of things—I wrote about my dad’s death, I wrote about the natural world—but it never really occurred to me to write about ultimate. And then after my first book was published I got picked up by a big agent at ICM, and she looked over all my stuff and said, “This is what we should do.” And it was a quick proposal I’d written about going back and playing with the Boston National Champion Ultimate Team. And I would go back in a kind of George Plimpton fashion and play with them and write about the season.”

Learn more about Ultimate Glory.

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This Is The Author | Benjamin Taylor

“My book is about an extremely consequential 12-month period in American history, and also in the history of my family and my own maturation. Being 11 and 12 is a very interesting time of life, when you, for the first time, begin to establish your frame of reference for the world outside of your experience at home. And, in my case, it was a discovery of history as an inescapable current. We were all writing. These were dangerous years.”

Learn more about The Hue and Cry at Our House.

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This Is The Author | Jeffrey Tambor

“When I was a young actor in New York, I premiered in a show called Sly Fox, which starred the great George C. Scott. I had three lines in the show. Actually, I had one line and I said it three times. It was, ‘You look wonderful, sir,’ which I added ‘oh’ to. ‘Oh, you look wonderful, sir.’ That was free of charge. I remember walking out the stage door one day and there was this legendary autograph hound that went from theater to theater, and he was standing right in front of me as I walked out, and he looked at me and he went, ‘Are you anybody?'”

Learn more about Are You Anybody?

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This Is The Author | Claire Dederer

“My book is about my sexual coming of age and my adolescence and my going off the rails a bit in my mid-life. The book came about because I started writing about my adolescence and it was hard remembering that time. Also, I realized I really hate coming-of-age memoirs and I started to wonder why was I writing one. As a teenager and young adult I had been, well, I was kinda trouble. I was sexually fast and took drugs and dropped outta school and was kinda a bad kid. And I wasn’t quite that bad in mid-life but I started to, sort of, um, wanna get in trouble again. And I realized that was why I was writing about my adolescence. And that the book was really about both of those and how they’re in dynamic with each other.”

Learn more about Love and Trouble.

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Lauren Graham is Talking as Fast as She Can

Lauren Graham fans rejoice! She’s back with another book—but this time it’s not fiction. Talking as Fast as I Can is a collection of personal essays on everything from her unconventional early childhood to her successful adulthood through to, you guess it, the recent Gilmore Girls reboot.

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Connecting with The Clancys of Queens

I stayed at my mom’s house this weekend, so I commuted into Manhattan this morning from my hometown of Rockaway Beach, Queens. It’s a long but spectacular ride on the MTA’s A train. As the train leaves Rockaway and the shores of the Atlantic Ocean behind, it crosses over Jamaica Bay into the bordering town of Broad Channel. When I looked out the train window as we pulled into Broad Channel station, I recalled my experience meeting Tara Clancy and reading her new memoir The Clancys of Queens.   Read more

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