This Is The Author | Adam Lashinsky

“As a writer for Fortune magazine, I look for the biggest, most important, most interesting, most colorful business stories, period. I also have lived in Silicon Valley for almost 20 years now. And so, as Uber was exploding on the scene, it fairly quickly became obvious to me that that was the story that had all the qualities I was looking for…”

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This Is The Author | Benjamin Taylor

“My book is about an extremely consequential 12-month period in American history, and also in the history of my family and my own maturation. Being 11 and 12 is a very interesting time of life, when you, for the first time, begin to establish your frame of reference for the world outside of your experience at home. And, in my case, it was a discovery of history as an inescapable current. We were all writing. These were dangerous years.”

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This Is The Author | Jeffrey Tambor

“When I was a young actor in New York, I premiered in a show called Sly Fox, which starred the great George C. Scott. I had three lines in the show. Actually, I had one line and I said it three times. It was, ‘You look wonderful, sir,’ which I added ‘oh’ to. ‘Oh, you look wonderful, sir.’ That was free of charge. I remember walking out the stage door one day and there was this legendary autograph hound that went from theater to theater, and he was standing right in front of me as I walked out, and he looked at me and he went, ‘Are you anybody?'”

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This Is The Author | Amy Thielen

“This story is really about homecoming. It’s about cooking and getting into the world of cooking in all its so many crazy, wild places. From home cooking to the kitchens of New York City, to farmhouse kitchens and warehouse squat kitchens, this book really shows how you can cook well or you can learn something about cooking anywhere you are.”

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This Is The Author | John T. Edge

“It’s a food history of the modern South that begins in 1955 with the Montgomery bus boycotts. Women who baked cakes and pies and sold them literally fueled the bus boycotts. And it ends in 2015 as a newer South comes into focus. A newer South in which tamale makers of Mexican descent are as much a part of the Southern story as anyone else.”

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This Is The Author | Claire Dederer

“My book is about my sexual coming of age and my adolescence and my going off the rails a bit in my mid-life. The book came about because I started writing about my adolescence and it was hard remembering that time. Also, I realized I really hate coming-of-age memoirs and I started to wonder why was I writing one. As a teenager and young adult I had been, well, I was kinda trouble. I was sexually fast and took drugs and dropped outta school and was kinda a bad kid. And I wasn’t quite that bad in mid-life but I started to, sort of, um, wanna get in trouble again. And I realized that was why I was writing about my adolescence. And that the book was really about both of those and how they’re in dynamic with each other.”

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This Is the Author | Jill Santopolo

“My book The Light We Lost is about two people who meet in college on September 11, 2001, and fall in love, but the universe has other plans for them. This story follows them over the next 13 years as they come in and out of each other’s lives. I wrote my book because of a really bad breakup actually and I wanted to tell a story about someone who was feeling what I was feeling at the moment.”

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This Is The Author | Daniel Whiteson

“I wrote this book with Jorge Cham because we were really excited to share our enthusiasm for exploring the unknown, or looking out into the universe and thinking about the possible crazy things that could be revealed to us. There are lots of books out there about science and explaining what science does know and all the amazing things science has learned, but we really felt like nobody was talking about what we don’t know, what’s out there left for young people who are going into science to discover and people who are interested in science, what they might learn. ”

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This Is The Author | Mary Pope Osborne

“Over the years, narrating Magic Tree House has become more and more fun. In the beginning, I was kind of nervous and I wanted to make sure I did all the voices right. I practiced a lot ahead of time, and now, after what, 55 books, it’s just a way of life. I know the characters so well and I know the stories and I enjoy so much making them come alive for myself again.”

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