This is the Author | Brian Castner

“My book is about a man named Alexander Mackenzie and a journey he took in 1789. He was looking for the Northwest Passage and what he actually found was the Arctic Ocean. Alexander Mackenzie has been lost a bit to history, at least in the United States, and I started writing this book when I discovered that Mackenzie was the first European to cross North America, or the first recorded crossing of North America.”

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This is the Author | Chelsea Clinton

“It’s about 13 remarkable women who have positively changed the course of history for the better through their contributions in science, in advancing women’s rights, in helping push the boundaries of what we understand about medicine, in giving more beauty to the world and helping more people understand why conservation is all of our responsibilities, and so much more. All 13 of these women deeply inspire me, and I hope that they inspire the girls and boys who will read the book when it comes out in March.”

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This is the Author | Junot Díaz

“ISLANDBORN is about a little girl named Lola who is an immigrant, but she left the island when she was very, very little so she didn’t grow up with any memories of the island. And what happens is she’s one of those girls who’s surrounded by her immigrant community and everybody talks about the island, and everybody reminisces about this place that they left, and she has no memories of it. And she really wants some sort of connection, she wants to remember.”

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This is the Author | Nathaniel Philbrick

“My book is called SECOND WIND and it’s a memoir of the comeback I tried to do in the Sunfish Class back in 1992-93. And it’s a very personal book because it’s not just about trying to become a Sunfish North American Champion again, it’s about my life on Nantucket as a stay-at-home dad and how I had alienated myself from the sport of sailing that had once meant everything to me.”

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This is the Author | Sarah McBride

“My book is about my own journey as a transgender person, as an advocate, and as someone who’s working for equality for LGBTQ people across the country. The story really is about my relationship with my late husband, Andy, who was a transgender man, and it was really through my relationship with Andy that I learned some of my most important lessons in this fight for equality.”

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This is the Author | Maria Shriver

“The story of my book is that I’ve been writing these “I’ve Been Thinking” columns for some time now in my Sunday paper and lots of friends and readers encouraged me to put them together into a book because they seem to help people with their day-to-day life. I’m a big believer in inspiration books that I have by the side of my bed that have helped me in my own life and I know how important books like this are to people if they’re going through rough patches or they’re dealing with something for the first time.”

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