This is the Author | Jo Piazza

“My book is about what it’s really like to be married. We live in this world where everyone Instagrams and facebooks the most perfect parts of their marriage and partnerships but we never really talk about the nitty-gritty. What I realized about getting married – and I got married on the later side, I was 35 years old – is that no one gives you advice for the actual marriage.”

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This is the Author | Annabelle Gurwitch

“I’m one of those people who has always felt this way about family. What am I doing with these people, there has to be a mistake! And as a kid I was always trying to join other families so the first family I ever wanted to join was Star Athlete Federation ‘cause I was a total trekkie and they had those very great, form fitting, very attractive outfits on you know, space was also cool and they were all so together, it was all so cool.”

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This is the Author | Barbara Oakley

“I’d like to tell you about Mindshift and the story behind it. I wrote the book because I was really lucky, I had a second chance at life. But you can have a second chance too. Here’s what I mean. I grew up to be incapable in math and science, as in I flunked my way through elementary, middle and high school math and science. And yet, as an adult I learned how to change my brain from being a math-phobe to –it’s hard for me to even believe it — a professor of engineering.”

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This is the Author | Elif Batuman

“My book is based on the draft of a novel I wrote and gave up on over 15 years ago when I was in my early 20s and I only reread it in my thirties and at that point I had gotten a PhD in Literature and I spent time teaching undergraduates and I published a book of essays — which you definitely read or listen to as an audiobook — it’s called The Possessed.”

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This is the Author | Ruth Behar

“My book Lucky Broken Girl is based on a true story, something that really happened to me. Me and my family had just arrived to NY in the ‘60s from Cuba, fleeing communism and we were just getting settled, adapted, I was learning English, and we were adjusting with difficulties but we were adjusting to our new life, a new language, a new culture.”

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This is the Author | David George Haskell

“There are many field guides for the songs of birds, the songs of crickets, there are no guides of the songs of trees. So I wanted to go sit and listen to all the incredible different sounds that emerge from trees that echo within their wood and to share some of that experience with readers and get beyond the experience and into the stories behind them.”

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This is the Author | Kory Stamper

“My book is about dictionaries and about the English language and the people who write dictionaries and about people who use the English language.  I wrote the book out of my experiences as a lexicographer, which is a writer and editor of dictionaries and because the more you do lexicography, the more you find out about English, and English is an amazing language, even though it drives people up the proverbial wall.”

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This is the Author | Marcus du Sautoy

“I’m a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford but a few years ago I took over from Richard Dawkins as the Professor for the Public Understanding of Science. The title always makes me laugh a little bit because I think everyone expects I must know the whole of science and here I am to explain it to you all. But it got me thinking, certainly no scientists must know it all but maybe there might come a point when science knows everything about the universe. Maybe we could answer all the great unsolved problems about the universe.”

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