This Is The Author | Tasha Eurich

“In my work as an organizational psychologist, in almost 15 years, I noticed that to a person, people who I was coaching and working with were most successful, knew who they were, how they were seen and how they fit into the world around them. But over and over I saw a shortage of self-awareness, not just in the companies I worked in, but nearly everywhere I looked. And I think a lot of people would agree.”

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This Is The Author | Barbara Oakley

“I’d like to tell you about Mindshift and the story behind it. I wrote the book because I was really lucky, I had a second chance at life. But you can have a second chance too. Here’s what I mean. I grew up to be incapable in math and science, as in I flunked my way through elementary, middle and high school math and science. And yet, as an adult I learned how to change my brain from being a math-phobe to –it’s hard for me to even believe it — a professor of engineering.”

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