A fast, funny, deeply hilarious debut--The Glitch is the story of a high-profile, TED-talking, power-posing Silicon Valley CEO and mother of two who has it all under control, until a woman claiming to be a younger version of herself appears, causing a major glitch in her over-scheduled, over-staffed, over-worked life.

Shelley Stone, wife, mother, and CEO of the tech company Conch, is committed to living her most efficient life. She takes her "me time" at 3:30 a.m. on the treadmill, power naps while waiting in line, schedules sex with her husband for when they are already changing clothes, and takes a men's multivitamin because she refuses to participate in her own oppression.

But when she meets a young woman also named Shelley Stone who has the same exact scar on her shoulder, Shelley has to wonder: Is she finally buckling under all the pressure? Completely original, brainy, and laugh-out-loud funny, The Glitch introduces one of the most memorable characters in recent fiction and offers a riotous look into work, marriage, and motherhood in our absurd world.
"As an updated version of Allison Pearson’s I Don't Know How She Does It for our hyperconnected tech age, this debut novel is funny and smart with an appealing, driven protagonist."

—Lynnanne Pearson, Library Journal

"[A] painfully funny satire of the tech industry. In Shelley Stone, Cohen has created an aggressively unlikable yet captivating and entertaining heroine… Clever, original, and unabashedly silly fun."
Kirkus (Starred Review)

"Elisabeth Cohen has given us one of the most unforgettable characters in recent fiction. Shelley Stone is a workaholic CEO who is 'leaning in' so far she might just be losing her mind. This debut is a smart and delirious ride through a world of TED Talks, tech startups and efficiency junkies. I tore through The Glitch with delight!"

—Jennifer Close, author of Girls in White Dresses and The Hopefuls 

"Sometimes you read a book because it sounds really good, but then it turns out to be way, way more strange, original and thrilling than even claimed, and that’s what happened for me with Elisabeth Cohen’s The Glitch."

Elizabeth McKenzie, author of The Portable Veblen 

"Shelley Stone is a genius comic creation and her story—one where she's struck by lightning, drives a potentially haunted car, and meets her doppelganger—is as madcap as it is fabulously relatable. She's a spreadsheet-crunching, yoga-practicing, flexitarian CEO over-achiever who is so utterly hilarious I couldn’t help but love her."

—Lucy Sykes, author of The Knockoff and Fitness Junkie 

"In her witty debut, Cohen follows Shelley Stone, a high-powered, perfect-on-paper lightning-strike survivor and married mother of two whose life gets a bug in it... Incredibly well-drawn."

Publishers Weekly

"This funny new novel explores what happens when Silicon Valley CEO and mother of two Shelley Stone encounters a glitch in the form of a young woman who convincingly claims to be Shelley’s younger self."

Southern Living, "Beach Reads Perfect for Summer Vacation"

"An excellent send-up... Elisabeth Cohen’s debut novel, The Glitch, does a marvelous job of questioning what women have to gain from the effort to 'lean in.'"

The Rumpus 

"Suspense and hilarity rolled into one story about a CEO working mom… This compelling novel is a hilarious story that will keep you engaged and laughing."

—Ashley Johnson, Working Mother magazine's "12 Inspiring Me-Time Reads Perfect for Mother’s Day"