1. I need to replace a lost, broken, or defective cassette tape or CD, how do I order a single replacement?
Please contact our customer service department at this address for our policy and shipping information: customerservice@randomhouse.com. Please include the product ISBN and title in your email.

2. What is the difference between Random House Audio, Listening Library and Books on Tape?
Just like a hardcover publisher, we have various imprints under which we publish our audiobooks.  Penguin Random House Audio is for adult fiction and non-fiction, Listening Library titles are for children and young adults, and Books on Tape (BOT) offers editions for libraries and schools. If you are interested in purchasing audiobooks for your library or school, please visit www.booksontape.com for their catalog and ordering information.

3. How can I become a reader for your audiobooks?
Performers are selected by the individual producers working on each title most often in conjunction with the author. Our producers do not listen to audition tapes sent directly to Penguin Random House. Producers work mostly with New York and Los Angeles based talent agencies, and freelance directors to find the right voices for their projects. For more resources on becoming an audiobook narrator, please visit the Audio Publisher’s Association website at www.audiopub.org for more information.

FAQ Miscellaneous:

1. Where can I buy the Harry Potter audiobooks?
Harry Potter audiobooks from Penguin Random House Audio in CD format are available wherever audiobooks are sold. Downloadable audiobook editions are available from www.Pottermore.com.

2. How do I contact Books on Tape (BOT)?
You can contact BOT by visiting their website at www.booksontape.com.

3. I would like review copies of your audiobooks. How can I request them?

Please email audio@penguinrandomhouse.com with your request—be sure to include your address, information about your publication (circulation and/or web traffic, target audience, links to previous reviews, etc) and exactly which audio title you’re requesting. We do our best to honor requests, but cannot guarantee availability of review copies.

4. I’d like to use a clip of one of your audiobooks—is that ok?
Under the fair use clause, a clip of up to 10 minutes may be used, as long as it is credited to the author and Penguin Random House Audio. Excerpts to most of our audiobooks are available on their product pages within the Penguin Random House Audio website and/or www.Soundcloud.com.

5. I wrote a book that would make a great audiobook. How do I submit my manscript?
Like most big publishers, Penguin Random House only accepts manuscripts submitted by an agent–the volume of materials we receive is just too large to accept unsolicited submissions. There is an excellent listing of literary agents in a book called The Writer’s Market, which you should be able to find in a local bookstore or library. You can also visit their Web site at http://www.writersdigest.com for more information.

6. Can you recommend an agent for my work?
We do not make agent recommendations. If you are looking for an agent, a good resource to start your search with is The Literary Market Place.

7. Do you accept international orders?
Unfortunately, we are unable to accept consumer orders for eCommerce from outside the United States. If you live in Canada you can visit our Canadian website at www.penguinrandomhouse.ca. To order books from the UK please visit www.randomhouse.co.uk.

Frequently Asked Questions about Audiobook Downloads
Downloading audiobooks is quick and easy. Just go to the site of your favorite audiobook downloads retailer, type in the title or author you’re looking for, select download, and within minutes you’ll be listening to your new audiobook. Select one of these popular retailers to get started:

Barnes & Noble

1. Is there a difference between audiobook downloads and books on tape or CD?
An audiobook download is an audiobook that is downloaded and stored on your computer as a file or files. Audiobook downloads and packaged audiobooks, such as CDs, contain exactly the same content. The only difference is how you receive the material.

2. How difficult is it to download an audiobook?
Downloading audiobooks is quick and easy. In fact, you could be downloading today’s bestsellers in a matter of minutes.

Each audiobook download retailer is slightly different (read on for further details), and your experience will depend somewhat on your computer, software, and internet connection, but here are the basics:

You create an account, type in an author or title you’re interested in, and click on “download.” If you’re not sure about a particular title, you can read a book description and listen to an audio sample before purchasing.

3. If I download a title, can I put it on my own CD?
Yes. Once you purchase and download your audiobooks you can burn them to CDs. You can also transfer them to a digital music player, like an iPod, or you can listen to them on your computer.

With audiobook downloads, how you listen is entirely up to you.

We recommend that you refer to your preferred retailer’s website for the latest updates and policies on downloadable audiobooks and burning them to CD.

4. Where can I purchase Random House audiobook downloads?
There are many places on the Internet to purchase and download Random House audiobooks. A few popular retailers include:

To use iTunes you need to first install the free iTunes application. iTunes functions as both a media library and playback device for your computer. The benefit to this is that iTunes keeps all your audiobook downloads catalogued in one place and allows for easy iPod synchronization or CD burning.

Audible allows you the option of purchasing titles one at a time or as part of a subscription plan. This site has a large catalog of titles and will guide you through setting up an account and starting to download.

Audible uses its own .aa file format. Don’t worry: The .aa format will not affect your ability to play the file or to burn CDs. If you do experience a problem, Audible.com’s help page provides illustrated technical support.

This digital music site also offers a growing selection of Random House audiobooks. eMusic is a subscription-based service and will require you to choose a subscription level when setting up an account. A free trial is also offered.

Unlike many audiobook retailers, eMusic provides audio files which do not employ Digital Rights Management technology, or DRM. This means that there are no restrictions placed on the audio files you download. You can play them anywhere, create multiple CDs, and store them on multiple computers or listening devices.

Learn more about DRM.

Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble also offers digital downloads of audiobooks in mp3 format which are compatible with any device. Browsing their site, you can sample clips and view bestsellers of Random House Audio titles. To purchase, you must install their download manager.

Please refer to your preferred retailer’s website for the latest updates and policies on downloadable audiobooks.


4. What is an mp3 and will it play in my car or home stereo?
An mp3 is a type of audio file that has become popular for its size and versatility. The benefit to mp3s is that they are small in size so they can be downloaded and transferred fast. If you create what’s known as an mp3 CD from your audiobook download, you won’t need as many blank CDs (in most cases, one disc is enough for an entire audiobook).

You can find more information on Answers.com by clicking here: mp3 Answers

If you aren’t sure whether or not your home or car stereo will play mp3 files, please refer to your device’s user manual. Most stereo systems made in the last few years are able to play mp3s directly.

However, CD burning software also allows you the option of creating a normal audio CD, which will then work just like the audio CDs you’d buy at a retail store.

Ready to begin shopping for audiobooks? Select a store from the list below to get started.

Barnes & Noble

If you have other questions that you don’t see listed here, please check the Penguin Random House general FAQs here.