teacher in a classroom with students at school
6 Stories Featuring Fantastic Teachers

When you’re growing up, your teachers are some of the most influential adults in your life. Share the encouraging, caring, intelligent teachers in these beloved audiobooks with the young listeners you know. READ MORE

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Family Listens As You Drive
Earth Day
5 Audiobooks for Budding Environmentalists

In honor of the 48th annual Earth Day, we’ve rounded up some audio titles especially for the next generation of nature lovers. These stories are the perfect companions to however you choose to celebrate our planet, whether you’re taking a family bike ride, working in the garden, or going on a long hike. READ MORE

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Vesper Stamper What The Night Sings
Vesper Stamper: The Possibilities Within Audiobooks

We illustrators enter the field because we want to engage many different kinds of people with our art and communicate big ideas in innovative ways. Ours is a mass medium by design. That’s why we’ve seen so many illustrated works find their way into lush Hollywood screen adaptations—Brian Selznick’s books, or the Marvel comics movies, for example. READ MORE

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