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Author: Celia Rees | Narrator: Jennifer Wiltsie
Release Date: January 27, 2004
It is the dawn of the eighteenth century, when girls stay home and sew while men sail the high seas finding adventure, danger, and gold. But two unusually adventurous girls--a rich merchant's daughter, Nancy Kington, and her former plantation slave, Minerva Sharpe--take to the high seas from Jamaica on a shop the crew renames Deliverance.
ISBN: 9780807220740
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Author: Amanda Quick | Narrator: Jennifer Wiltsie
Release Date: May 28, 2002
In this most entrancing tale of mystery and romance by the New York Times bestselling author AMANDA QUICK, lovers and partners-in-crime investigators Lavinia Lake and Tobias March continue their exciting newfound relationship, with its delicious mix of risky business, rising passion, and now--murder.
Author: John Brockman | Narrator: Henry Leyva, Jennifer Wiltsie, Simon Prebble and Oliver Wyman
Release Date: May 14, 2002
A brilliant ensemble of the world’s most visionary scientists provides twenty-five original never-before-published essays about the advances in science and technology that we may see within our lifetimes.

Theoretical physicist and bestselling author Paul Davies examines the likelihood that by the year 2050 we will be able to establish a continuing human presence on Mars.
ISBN: 9780739301500
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Author: Wall Street Journal | Narrator: Jay Gregory, Robert MacNamara, Jennifer Wiltsie and Bill Meisle
Release Date: March 05, 2002
The title description for this item is not yet available.
ISBN: 9780739300893
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Author: Wall Street Journal | Narrator: Jay Gregory, Bill Meisle, Robert MacNamara and Jennifer Wiltsie
Release Date: January 08, 2002
Timeless and effective business lessons from twenty-one top CEOs

Every business leader—from manager to entrepreneur—wants to know the ideas that motivate and inspire the world’s most successful CEOs. Boss Talk presents twenty-one CEOs who give expert advice on issues important to today’s businessperson.
ISBN: 9780739300848
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