Patrick Frederic

Patrick Frederic is a film and stage actor. He’s also narrated numerous audiobooks, including Indecision by Benjamin Kunkel and Jennifer Government by Max Barry.

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Author: Peter M. Senge, Bryan Smith, Nina Kruschwitz and Joe Laur | Narrator: Patrick Frederic
Release Date: June 10, 2008
Imagine a world in which the excess energy from one business would be used to heat another. Where buildings need less and less energy around the world, and where “regenerative” commercial buildings – ones that create more energy than they use – are being designed.
Author: Dave Barry | Narrator: Patrick Frederic
Release Date: September 17, 2007
A brilliantly funny look at the tumultuous recent past from the Pulitzer Prize–winning humorist.

Remember when everything was going to go to hell when Y2K struck.

That didn’t happen, right.

But what did happen.
Author: Benjamin Kunkel | Narrator: Patrick Frederic
Release Date: August 30, 2005
Benjamin Kunkel’s brilliantly comic debut novel concerns one of the central maladies of our time–a pathological indecision that turns abundance into an affliction and opportunity into a curse.

Dwight B. Wilmerding is only twenty-eight, but he’s having a midlife crisis.
ISBN: 9780739322109
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Author: Max Barry | Narrator: Patrick Frederic
Release Date: January 21, 2003
Jennifer Government is Here to Help.

In Max Barry’s twisted, hilarious vision of the near future, the world is run by giant American corporations (except for a few deluded holdouts like the French); taxes are illegal; employees take the last names of the companies they work for; The Police and The NRA are publicly-traded security firms; the U.
Author: David Remnick and Henry Finder | Narrator: Patrick Frederic and Chris Gannon
Release Date: November 13, 2001
When Harold Ross founded The New Yorker in 1925, he described it as a “comic weekly.” And although it has become much more than that, it has remained true in its irreverent heart to the founder’s description, publishing the most illustrious literary humorists of the modern era—among them Robert Benchley, Dorothy Parker, Groucho Marx, George S.
ISBN: 9780375419966
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Author: Edwin Abbott | Narrator: Patrick Frederic
Release Date: February 05, 2001
     Flatland, like our own world, is on the verge of the millenium. On the last day of the year 1999, a Square—hitherto undistinguished from the other shapes of his two-dimensional world—receives the Gospel of Three Dimensions, revealed to that world's flat inhabitants only once every a thousand years.
ISBN: 9780739300701
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