The Sleepwalker
“A dark Hitchockian novel,” according to The Washington PostThe Sleepwalker is the story of a talented architect and devoted mother who vanishes from her bed one night—leaving a trail of deeply unsettling questions in her wake. Annalee Ahlberg had a history of sleepwalking, suspended in parasomnia, the eerie borderland between dreaming and wakefulness. As Annalee’s husband and daughters search for clues that will bring her home, their discoveries only lead to more troubling revelations. When police detective Gavin Rikert extends a seemingly innocent invitation to Annalee’s older daughter, Lianna, he reveals a secret history. How does he know so much about Annalee’s past? And what does he really know about where she is now? 

A mesmerizing tale from one of our most gifted storytellers, The Sleepwalker raises provocative questions about the desires lurking deep within the soul. We hope this guide will enrich your reading group’s discussion. There are a few spoilers, so you might consider holding off on reviewing this guide until everyone on the group has finished the novel.

Guide written by Amy Clements.