This is the Author | Dave Zirin

“I wrote my book because I really felt like Jim Brown is a complicated figure, and we don’t write enough about complicated people. He is not perfect, he is not evil, he is not an angel. I think that in itself provides lessons that are incredibly rich for us today. We don’t do much good in this world when we put our heroes so high up on a pedestal that we can’t even reach them.”

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This is the Author | Eliza Kennedy

“I started out wanting to write a book about how a marriage could survive infidelity. I had this idea of creating this character who was a very powerful woman, who had everything in her life under control, who then had to confront this massive, unexpected problem. Then I was going to show how she got through it. The interesting thing what happened is that she had other ideas. As I wrote the book, I got father and farther away from what I thought it was going to be about.”

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This is the Author | Michael Pollan

“This subject is something of a departure for me. I think a lot of people associate me with books about food and agriculture or maybe gardening. But if you go back far enough there’s a strain of interest or continuity that perhaps explains it. I think my real subject as a writer is the human engagement with nature, with other species in nature.”

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This is the Author | Mark Adams

“The seed for this book was actually a vacation I took to Seattle a few years ago when I stopped in Pioneer Square. There was a giant totem pole there and there was a ranger wearing a smoky bear hat. He told me that in 1899, there had been a brief fad of stealing totem poles from Alaska.”

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