This Is The Author | Eric Metaxas

“People always ask me why I wrote the book, where did I get the idea to write the book. As with most of my books, the idea did not come from me, it came from others, specifically two friends to whom I dedicate the book. One is Markus Spieker, who lives in Germany, and the other is my dear friend here in New York, Greg Thornbury, who is the president of the Kings College. I had never thought about writing a biography of Luther, but these two very dear friends kept pushing me to think about it saying that the 500th anniversary of the reformation, October 31st, 1517 presented a perfect occasion for people to rethink his legacy, and in many cases, learn about this seminal figure, whom perhaps, they had never encountered. The more I looked into it, I was myself embarrassed at how little I knew and at how shockingly seminal Luther was.”

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This Is The Author | Whitney Cummings

“I think that I realized there were a lot of stories and ideas that didn’t really make sense to talk about on stage in a stand-up context because they were just too embarrassing, or not funny enough, or just too personal, and I couldn’t figure out a way to perform them live. And so I started writing them down and they just sat in this document, and I just hoped one day I’d get brave enough to do it or smart enough to figure out how to do them on stage, and I just couldn’t. People kept suggesting I write a book and I always just felt like, ‘Oh God, that’s something you do when you have a long life.’ I just didn’t feel like I had enough to offer, and then I thought, “Oh, maybe I should do all those stories that I’ve never figured out how to tell on stage. Maybe they’re a book.’ And I started looking at them and I was like, “Wow this stuff’s embarrassing, I’m never gonna be able to say this in front of people.’ So I just gave up on that ever happening and I started turning it into a book. And then to get through it I had to get an intention together, I had to get a mantra together and I was like, ‘Okay, I’m gonna write the book that I wish had been available to me when I was 18. I wanna write a bible for people who want to grow and feel better about their awful choices.'”

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This Is The Author | Peter Shankman

Faster Than Normal  is about understanding that a trait that many of us are born with, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, is not the curse or the disability that we’ve been told it is all of our lives, that if managed properly, allows us to be faster than normal, to have quicker a brain, to come up with answers faster than other people, to create, to explore, to learn faster and differently, to get more hours in our day back, to get more of our life back. It is a gift, not a curse.”

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This Is The Author | Jess Shatkin

“My book is about adolescents—how they age, how they grow, and how they make decisions. Why do they do what seem like the most insane things at times? I wrote my book because I’ve always been really interested in the teenage years, and not only teens, but adolescence, that period of time from about 10,11,12 until about 25, 26,27, when we actually start to not only become, but act, like adults. Those years so many things change and we all remember those years in in our own lives so acutely, so intensely, just like it was yesterday. Well, it turns out there are a bunch of reasons why that is the case and we set a path for ourselves during those years that really forecasts our future…so much inevitably changes and predicts who we will become and how we will get there. And that is something that has fascinated me my entire life.”

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This Is The Author | Jaime Lowe

“As a magazine writer, I’m always looking for other people’s stories and trying to talk to people about what their lives are like. I always knew that that came from a place from having some pretty crazy experiences as somebody who’s bipolar and that I had all these stories that seemed outlandish and bananas, and that maybe I had to start with my own story. It all definitely started when lithium, the medication that I was taking for bipolar disorder, stopped working for me. All of a sudden, bipolar disorder and lithium became so much more prominent and important in my life. And it became much more clear to me that it was a bigger part of my identity than I ever imagined.”

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