ELIGIBLE: The perfect listen for any Jane Austen fan

From Curtis Sittenfeld, the New York Times bestselling author of Sisterland and American Wife comes a retelling of Pride and Prejudice. ELIGIBLE is sure sure to have you laughing out loud. Any fan of the original story will recognize the colorful cast of characters, but being able to hear them within a modern setting gives the story a unique and fun perspective.

Elizabeth “Liz” Bennet is a magazine writer in her late thirties who, like her yoga instructor older sister Jane, lives in New York City. After their father ends up in the hospital, they both return to their childhood home to help out, only to discover the sprawling estate is actually falling apart and their family is close behind.

With her younger sisters too busy with CrossFit and Paleo diets, and their mother focused on marrying off her daughters, it’s a relief when a new face appears in town. Chip Bingely, a handsome new doctor, has recently arrived and part of his charm is the fact that he recently starred on Eligible, a Bachelor-like show, only to leave empty handed. Chip takes quick interest in Jane, but Chip’s friend, neurosurgeon Fitzwilliam Darcy (known as Mr. Darcy), is much less interested with Liz.

But if you know the story of Pride and Prejudice, or know how any good romantic story goes, first impressions can easily be deceiving…

Narrator Cassandra Campbell is a wonderful reader for this story, perfectly portraying the ever exhausted Liz Bennet as well as a whole range of voices for the rest of her family and friends. One can easily feel the exhaustion Liz feels while dealing with all the antics of her family through Cassandra’s voice, as well as the truly uplifting moments. The story zips by, and once you’ve hit the ending, you’ll find yourself reaching for your headphones to listen to it again and again.

Listen to a clip from Eligible read by Cassandra Campbell. Eligible