FIRST COMES LOVE: A Tale of Two Sisters

Fans old and new of Emily Giffin’s works will adore FIRST COMES LOVE, which explores a family torn apart by tragedy. This engaging audiobook immerses the listener in this story about two sisters.

Growing up, Josie and Meredith Garland rarely saw eye to eye. Josie was outgoing, enthusiastic, and loved to party while Meredith was quieter and preferred to stay home. But after tragedy strikes close to home, their bond, already fragile, shatters.

Fifteen years later, we learn that the sisters have taken very different paths. Josie is a first grade teacher who wants more than anything to be a mother, but she’s currently single and ready to be done with the whole dating game—a point driven home when her ex-boyfriend’s daughter ends up in her class.

Meredith seemingly has the perfect life. She’s a successful attorney with a wonderful husband and a beautiful daughter. But inside, she feels uncertain, wondering if she has become too complaisant instead of following her dreams.

As the anniversary of their tragedy approaches, Jodie and Meredith must learn to get along while they each confront their inner lives. As the title suggests, love comes first, so family must forgive and stick together.

Catherine Taber and Emily Foster are the perfect narrators for this listen. Their narration strengthens the differences between the sisters—The peppy enthusiasm of Josie is practically tangible throughout the narration, as is the more morose nature of Meredith.

It’s a pleasure to listen to this audiobook, which is a cathartic listen for anyone who has been through a family tragedy. The way this family overcomes their differences despite difficulties, brings hope to all.

Listen to an excerpt of FIRST COMES LOVE read by Catherine Taber and Emily Foster: