VINEGAR GIRL – A Modern Spin on Classic Shakespeare

VINEGAR GIRL by Anne Tyler is an incredible listen for fans of William Shakespeare, and for those who are looking for a modern adaptation of the bard’s The Taming of the Shrew. This audio is filled with as much wit as the original, and it is easy to become enthralled while you listen.

Kate Battista feels stuck in her life. She’s a preschool teacher who is adored by her students, but not so much liked by their parents; her younger sister is busy running around with guys far too old for her; and her eccentric scientist father would probably forget his own head if it weren’t attached to his body. After years of running her family’s household, Kate is looking for a way to escape and lead her own life.

But here comes the crux of the story – Dr. Battistia has been working on his research for years now with his brilliant lab assistant, Pytor. But Pytor’s visa is up and he’s about to be deported. If only there was a way to quickly find him someone to marry… What luck! Kate Battista is just around Pytor’s age. And single.

As Dr. Battista and Pytor cook up a marriage plot for Pytor to stay in the country, they have to deal with Kate, whose stubbornness is a thing of legend in their household. If you know the basic plot of The Taming of the Shrew or really adore a good love story, Kate and Pytor’s slow but blossoming romance is definitely a fun one to listen.

This is a perfect listen not only for fans of Shakespeare but also for listeners who aren’t quite sure of their path in life. As life goes on, unforeseen circumstances might be thrown in your way – such as an attractive foreign lab assistant who needs a green card to stay in the country. But sometimes you just have to laugh and deal with the problems ahead, instead of fretting over the “maybes” or “might happens.”

Kirsten Potter is a great voice for the ever-frustrated Kate Battista. She perfectly balances the irate nature of a young woman who is stuck in her place in life with the soft, calm demeanor of someone who might have met her romantic match. She makes the hours zip by, and by the end, you’ll want to hunt down more audiobooks she’s read.

Listen to an excerpt of VINEGAR GIRL read by Kirsten Potter: