Shawn K. Stout
Shawn K. Stout

Shawn K. Stout ( ) grew up in Hagerstown, Maryland, the same town where A Tiny Piece of Sky takes place, but she did her growing up more than forty years after the events in this story occur. She is the author of the Not-So-Ordinary Girl series and the Penelope Crumb series and has an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Shawn K. Stout lives with her family in Maryland. You can follow her on Twitter at @shawnkstout.

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Author: Shawn K. Stout | Narrator: Mark Bramhall and Jess Combs
Release Date: May 31, 2022
Do you believe in impossible things? Cutie Grackle does. She has to. Otherwise, she’ll never be more than a lonely 10 year old in a cursed family.Cutie Grackle is used to being different—she lives alone on a mountain withher feeble-minded...
Author: Shawn K. Stout | Narrator: Tara Sands and Shawn K. Stout
Release Date: January 19, 2016
THE SUMMER STORY OF THREE SISTERS, ONE RESTUARANT, AND A (POSSIBLE) GERMAN SPYWorld War II is coming in Europe. At least that’s what Frankie Baum heard on the radio. But from her small town in Maryland, in the wilting summer heat of 1939, the w...