Marilyn Kapp
Marilyn Kapp

At Boston University, Marilyn Kapp studied with Elie Wiesel, who became a friend and mentor. She went on to receive a master of arts from Emerson College. Marilyn has performed thousands of personal readings for individuals, families, and groups in person and by phone, conducting sessions all over the United States and internationally. She lives with her husband, Harry, in Southern California. In addition to channeling, Marilyn’s passions include caring for animals, listening to music, tap dancing, and knitting.

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Author: Marilyn Kapp | Narrator: Marilyn Kapp
Release Date: June 02, 2020
An extraordinary new mindful approach to healing after loss that taps into everyone’s ability to continue their relationship with those who have passed.“Marilyn’s vast and masterful experience in communicating with passed loved ones...