Jesse Horwitz
Jesse Horwitz
Jesse Horwitz is co-founder and co-CEO at Hubble, one of America’s fastest-growing direct-to-consumer e-commerce companies. Horwitz and co-founder Ben Cogan earned spots on Forbes’s 30 Under 30 list in 2016 and over the past two years have extended Hubble’s footprint around the world. Horwitz wrote and published Selling Naked, a how-to and guidance book on direct-to-consumer marketing. Horwitz is also co-founder at Mockingbird, a baby stroller brand, and BZR, a one-stop shop DTC platform, as well as a board member for Andie Swim, a fashion and apparel company. Horwitz is currently active in advising Resolved CX, a customer service platform for direct-to-consumer companies; AdCouncil, an online campaign to optimize voter registration for the 2020 election; and Humanity Forward, a non-profit dedicated toraising money for those devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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