Claire Ahn

Claire Ahn moved from Seoul, Korea to New York at age eighteen to attend New York University. She writes stories about transcultural experiences that reveal how every life is intertwined with so many others that precede or succeed their own. Claire firmly believes that no one is a self-made person, that we are all influenced by the vast cultures that surround us, all transformed by individual stories and beliefs and traditions within our homes, and that entering adulthood is the beginning steps of a lifelong journey of melding everything we're taught to everything we're learning. She feels YA is the sweet spot of discovering what it means to be fully human, fully imperfect yet fully embracing and hopes her first book, I Guess I Live Here Now and her future ones will help take readers on that journey, if even one step in that direction. 

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I Guess I Live Here Now Cover
Author: Claire Ahn |
Release Date: May 24, 2022
For fans of Never Have I Ever and Crazy Rich Asians, this effervescent debut takes readers on a journey to the place where trends are born—Seoul, Korea—where Melody Lee unwillingly moves with her family and must start a new life, a n...
ISBN: 9780593592809
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I Guess I Live Here Now Cover