Jayne Cowie
Jayne Cowie

An avid reader and lifelong writer, Jayne Cowie also enjoys digging in her garden and making an excellent devil’s food cake. She lives near London with her family.

You can find her on Instagram as @CowieJayne

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Author: Jayne Cowie | Narrator: Clare Corbett and Joshua Akehurst
Release Date: July 11, 2023
If you could test your son for a gene that predicts violence, would you do it? From the author of Curfew comes a suspenseful, heart-wrenching novel about the consequences of your answer.Antonia and Bea are sisters, and doting mothers to their sons. B...
Author: Jayne Cowie | Narrator: Patience Tomlinson, Celine Buckens and Olivia Poulet
Release Date: March 22, 2022
Think The Handmaid's Tale but with the women in charge, set in a world where all men are electronically tagged and placed under strict curfew, and the murder investigation threatening to undo it all.Imagine a near-future Britain in which women d...