Chris Bohjalian
Chris Bohjalian

CHRIS BOHJALIAN is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of twenty-three books, including Hour of the Witch, The Red Lotus, Midwives, and The Flight Attendant, was the basis for the hit HBO Max television series starring Kaley Cuoco. His other books include The Guest Room; Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands; The Sandcastle Girls; Skeletons at the Feast; and The Double Bind. His novels Secrets of Eden, Midwives, and Past the Bleachers were made into movies, and his work has been translated into more than thirty-five languages. He is also a playwright (Wingspan and Midwives). He lives in Vermont and can be found at or on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Litsy, and Goodreads @chrisbohjalian.

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Author: Chris Bohjalian | Narrator: Alison Fraser and Cassandra Campbell
Release Date: July 17, 2012
Over the course of his career, New York Times bestselling novelist Chris Bohjalian has taken readers on a spectacular array of journeys. Midwives brought us to an isolated Vermont farmhouse on an icy winter’s night and a home birth gone tragica...
Author: Chris Bohjalian | Narrator: Alison Fraser and Mark Bramhall
Release Date: October 04, 2011
From the bestselling author of The Double Bind, Skeletons at the Feast, and Secrets of Eden, comes a riveting and dramatic ghost story. In a dusty corner of a basement in a rambling Victorian house in northern New Hampshire, a door has long been...
Author: Chris Bohjalian | Narrator: Kathe Mazur, Susan Denaker, Mark Bramhall and Rebecca Lowman
Release Date: February 02, 2010
From the bestselling author of The Double Bind, Midwives, and Skeletons at the Feast comes a novel of shattered faith, intimate secrets, and the delicate nature of sacrifice."There," says Alice Hayward to Reverend Stephen Drew, just after her baptism...
Author: Chris Bohjalian | Narrator: Mark Bramhall
Release Date: May 06, 2008
In January 1945, in the waning months of World War II, a small group of people begin the longest journey of their lives: an attempt to cross the remnants of the Third Reich, from Warsaw to the Rhine if necessary, to reach the British and American lin...
Author: Chris Bohjalian | Narrator: Kate Burton
Release Date: July 03, 2007
"Superbly crafted and astonishingly powerful. . . . It will thrill readers who cherish their worn copies of To Kill A Mockingbird." --PeopleWith a suspense, lyricism, and moral complexity that recall To Kill a Mockingbird and Presumed Innoc...
Author: Chris Bohjalian | Narrator: Susan Denaker
Release Date: February 13, 2007
As the New York Times has said, “Few writers can manipulate a plot with [Chris] Bohjalian’s grace and power.” Now he is back with an ambitious new novel that travels between Jay Gatsby’s Long Island and rural New England, betw...
Before You Know Kindness Cover
Author: Chris Bohjalian | Narrator: Blair Brown
Release Date: October 05, 2004
For ten summers, the Seton family—all three generations—met at their country home in New England to spend a week together playing tennis, badminton, and golf, and savoring gin and tonics on the wraparound porch to celebrate the end of the...
Before You Know Kindness Cover
Author: Chris Bohjalian | Narrator: Chris Bohjalian
Release Date: December 16, 2003
In March 1986, while living in Brooklyn, Chris Bohjalian and his wife were cab-napped on a Saturday night and taken on a forty-five-minute joy ride in which the driver ignored all traffic lights and stop signs. Around midnight he deposited the young...
Author: Chris Bohjalian | Narrator: Alison Fraser
Release Date: March 05, 2002
From the bestselling and critically acclaimed author of Midwives and Trans-Sister Radio comes a hauntingly beautiful story of the ties that bind families—and the strains that pull them apart.In northern Vermont, a raging river overflows its ban...
Author: Chris Bohjalian | Narrator: Elizabeth Kim
Release Date: July 05, 2000
Four people in a small Vermont village are about to have their lives inexorably intertwined by the uncertainties of love . . . and the apparent absolutes of gender.        Schoolteacher Allison Banks, the long-...