Scott Westerfeld

Scott Westerfeld’s novels include Evolution’s Darling, a New York Times Notable Book, as well as the Uglies series, the Leviathan trilogy, the Midnighters trilogy, Peeps, The Last Days, and more. Westerfeld was born in Texas and alternates summers between Sydney, Australia, and New York City.

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Author: Scott Westerfeld | Narrator: Joshua Swanson
Release Date: March 27, 2018
A year ago, Cal Thompson was a college freshman more interested in meeting girls and partying than in attending biology class. Now, after a fateful encounter with a mysterious woman named Morgan, biology has become, literally, Cal's life.Cal was infe...
Author: Scott Westerfeld | Narrator: Jennifer Van Dyck and Victor Bevine
Release Date: December 05, 2017
A mysterious epidemic holds the city in its thrall and the chaos is contagious. Black oil spews from fire hydrants, rats have taken over Brooklyn, and every day, more people disappear. But all that matters to Pearl, Moz, and Zahler is their new band....
So Yesterday Cover
Author: Scott Westerfeld | Narrator: Scott Brick
Release Date: January 10, 2006
We are all around you.You don’t think about us much, because we are invisible. Well, not exactly invisible. A lot of us have hair dyed in four colors, or wear five-inch platform sneakers, or carry enough metal in our skin that it’s a hass...
So Yesterday Cover