Charmian Hussey

Charmian Hussey trained as an archaeologist at the University of London, and she worked on excavations in Great Britain and the Middle East. Through this interest in the indigenous tribal people of the world, she developed a deep concern for their futures. The Valley of Secrets combines her understanding and passion for indigenous concerns with her love of the Cornish countryside, where she now lives and farms with her husband, John.

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Author: Charmian Hussey | Narrator: Charles Keating
Release Date: January 11, 2005
When Stephen, raised as an orphan, learns that he has inherited an estate in the Cornish countryside, he has no idea what to expect. And when he arrives at Lansbury Hall, there is no one to greet him . . . or so he thinks. But waiting for Stephen are his great uncle's diary of a journey long ago up the Amazon with a native guide .