Charles C. Mann
Charles C. Mann

Charles C. Mann, a correspondent for The AtlanticScience, and Wired, has also written for FortuneThe New York TimesSmithsonianTechnology ReviewVanity Fair, and The Washington Post, as well as for the TV network HBO and the series Law & Order. A three-time National Magazine Award finalist, he is the recipient of writing awards from the American Bar Association, the American Institute of Physics, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, and the Lannan Foundation. His book 1491 won the National Academies Communication Award for the best book of the year.

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Author: Charles C. Mann | Narrator: Bronson Pinchot
Release Date: January 23, 2018
From the best-selling, award-winning author of 1491 and 1493--an incisive portrait of the two little-known twentieth-century scientists, Norman Borlaug and William Vogt, whose diametrically opposed views shaped our ideas about the environment, laying...
Author: Charles C. Mann | Narrator: Darrell Dennis
Release Date: August 29, 2016
A groundbreaking study that radically alters our understanding of the Americas before the arrival of the Europeans in 1492.Traditionally, Americans learned in school that the ancestors of the people who inhabited the Western Hemisphere at the time of...
Author: Charles C. Mann | Narrator: Robertson Dean
Release Date: August 09, 2011
From the author of 1491—the best-selling study of the pre-Columbian Americas—a deeply engaging new history of the most momentous biological event since the death of the dinosaurs. More than 200 million years ago, geological forces split a...