Joe Dunthorne
Joe Dunthorne

Joe Dunthorne’s first novel, Submarine, has been translated into ten languages and made into a feature film. His debut poetry collection was published in 2010. He lives in London.

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Author: Joe Dunthorne | Narrator: Tom Lawrence
Release Date: January 03, 2012
At a once vibrant communal-living property in the British countryside, back-to-basics fervor has given way to a vague discontent. A place that once buzzed with activity, from the polytunnels to the pottery shed, now functions with a skeleton crew. Fo...
Author: Joe Dunthorne | Narrator: Bruce Mann
Release Date: May 24, 2011
At once a self-styled social scientist, a spy in the baffling adult world, and a budding, hormone-driven emotional explorer, Oliver Tate is stealthily nosing his way forward through the murky and uniquely perilous waters of adolescence. His objective...