AnnBausum, MattMcCarthy, and SisterHelenPrejean
S4 E30: Ann Bausum, Matt McCarthy, and Sister Helen Prejean

In this episode of This Is the Author, meet Ann Bausum, author of VIRAL: The Fight Against AIDS in America; Matt McCarthy, author of Superbugs; and Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking. From potentially life-threatening illnesses to the death penalty as a part of our criminal justice system, the often-overlooked and complicated topics explored by each of these authors will educate and inspire listeners. Plus, discover which author’s family would schedule road trips around each release of the Harry Potter audiobooks.

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Staff Picks
What We’re Listening To: May 2019 Picks

May is such a great month. There’s a lot of sunshine and weather that begs you to be outside as much as possible after months of being cooped up. I love getting off the subway a few stops early to leisurely walk home after work, or spending my weekends walking around new neighborhoods and parks. READ MORE

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Family Ties: May Debuts

This month’s audiobooks from debut authors may all seem completely different from each other, but they share a common thread: family (no matter how peculiar, or downright dangerous some of these particular families may be). READ MORE

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Ilyana Kadushin Disappearing Earth Q and A
Q&A with Ilyana Kadushin, Narrator of Disappearing Earth

It’s not an easy feat to create one complex and beautifully written novel by weaving together multiple characters and their stories. Debut novel Disappearing Earth accomplishes it. It’s also not easy to bring a novel like that to life in the audiobook, but award-winning narrator (and singer, lyricist, and multimedia performance artist!) Ilyana Kadushin brilliantly does. READ MORE

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Jayson Greene, John Von Sothen, Reagan Moya-Jones
S4 E29: Jayson Greene, John Von Sothen, and Raegan Moya-Jones

In this episode, Jayson Greene, author of Once More We Saw Stars; John Von Sothen, author of Monsieur Mediocre; and Raegan Moya-Jones, author of What It Takes. From processing a devastating personal tragedy, to drawing back the curtain on daily life in Paris, to building a big career out of an idea that originated at a kitchen table, these authors are able to reveal the powerful universalities we all share as a result of them each getting deeply personal about their own experiences. Plus, hear why the subway is one author’s favorite place to listen to everything.

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