3 Great Headphones For You To Discover

Headphones can be an essential component when enjoying a new or favorite audiobook.  We took the time to try out and review a few different headphone types and brands—so you don’t have to!

sr60e_altGrado SR60e

What are they?

An open-back, over-the-ear, high quality headphone providing you with full-spectrum audio sound.  These are not the flimsy headphones we see many consumers buy only to quickly break after a few uses.  The Grado SR60e construction is solid and hand built in Brooklyn, NY—something you don’t hear every day. In fact, Grado has been making headphones in our favorite borough for over 60 years.

About the set:

The double-sided cord that accompanies the headphones is thick but strong. While some may view the thicker cord as a drawback, the performance of the headphones outweigh this subtle negative. The set also comes with a 1/4 inch adaptor so nothing should hold you back from listening to your audiobooks in the best quality.

The open-back style of these headphones may take some time getting used to, but they allow you to be conscious of any noise going on around while still enjoying your audiobooks.  These are great for lounging, at your desk, or even quiet commutes.  Keep in mind that for loud commutes or even airplanes, the open-back style will not block out external or ambient noise.

Despite being entry level ($79) within the Grado family, the SR60e can compete with other more expensive headphones any day of the week.



Skullcandy_Headphone_AVIATOR_SGAVFM-198_11_1100_AngleSkullcandy Aviator

What are they?

The Aviator is a closed-back headphone designed with comfort, style, and sound quality in mind.  Skullcandy’s website states the design was based on the aviator sunglasses, making them both lightweight and durable.

About the set:

The over-the-ear style cups are made with memory foam cushioning, providing a comfortable fit for long-listening. The 3-button remote and mic found on the detachable fabric headphone cord makes life a little easier when listening on your mp3 player or phone.  A leather carrying case accompanies the set, which easily folds to fit inside.  The aesthetic of the Aviator can be a little flashier than most would like, but the comfort and audio quality will make you forget that you are a fashion icon.

The price for Skullcandy’s top of the line Aviator series is $149. Well worth the price if you consider the comfort and quality of sound you get.




Urbanears Plattan

What are they?

The Plattan is a closed back, over-ear headphone built to be used at any point during your day.  Its lightweight construction and soft ear pads allow for long periods of listening.

About the set:

The Plattan has several features that set it apart from the rest, but one of its greatest strengths is its collapsibility.  Sure, many headphones can collapse but not exactly like this.  The fabric sheathed cord can wrap tightly around the collapsed headphones so that it can easily fit into your bag, purse, or even jacket pockets without much worry or damage.  Surprisingly, most over-ear headphones do not have this feature; at least none in the price range of $49.  The Plattan also has the unique ability to daisy-chain headphones together so you can share your audio with a friend. This is accomplished by plugging a second pair of headphones into the empty outlet on the right ear cup.  Knowing that these days most audiobooks are played through a personal device like your phone, the Plattan also comes armed with an inline remote and microphone.

Though the Urbanears Plattan series comes in various colors, they are not flashy or overstated.  They can be a commuter’s best asset because of their flexibility and quality for the price.

Ultimately, headphones are a personal preference. Over-the-ear, on-the-ear, or in-ear depends upon your lifestyle, budget, and what is comfortable to you.  We just want to make sure you are able to enjoy your audiobooks!