4 Hot Summer Listens from Audiobook Producers

June is Audiobook Month, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than getting the scoop on the hottest listens for the summer season from the folks that know best: our audiobook producers.

In this installment of Producer Picks, four of our audio all-stars share the titles they’re excited to get in everyone’s earbuds:

Molly Lo Re Headshot

Molly Lo Re on Virology :

“This hot COVID summer I’m recommending everyone listen to Virology, written and narrated by microbiologist Joseph Osmundson. It’s a gorgeous collection of essays that explore not only the science behind viruses like HIV and COVID-19, but also their impacts our sense of community, resilience and responsibility. We were able to incorporate into the audiobook original recordings of phone calls and interviews the author conducted in those early, scary days of the COVID-19 pandemic which are an amazing time capsule and such a visceral reminder of our collective vulnerability. I actually teared up the first time I heard the recordings edited into the audiobook!”

Listen to a clip from Virology:

Sarah Jaffe Headshot

Sarah Jaffe on First Time for Everything :

“Henry Fry’s First Time for Everything is everything I want in a summer listen: it’s a funny, chewy, heartfelt coming-of-age story with complicated, lovable characters that leap off the page and into your life. Protagonist Danny Scudd is 2022’s queer answer to Bridget Jones, Henry Fry’s writing is an utter delight, and Will Watt’s stellar narration makes this audiobook an absolute knockout.”

Listen to a clip from First Time for Everything :

Headshot of PRH Audio Producer Diane Mckiernan

Diane Mckiernan on The Long Answer :

“In this honest and heartbreaking novel, newly pregnant Anna brilliantly weaves together stories of pregnancy, loss and motherhood from the women in her life, while shining a light on the complexities and strength of female friendship. Narrator Julia Knippen delivers a beautiful and nuanced performance.”

Listen to a clip from The Long Answer :

Nick Martorelli Headshot

Nick Martorelli on The Self-Made Widow :

The Self-Made Widow by Fabian Nicieza. The unlikely sleuths from Suburban Dicks are back! Come for the mystery of a mysterious death (did his wife kill him?) Stay for the comedic wit and sharp social commentary. Nicieza blends mystery, satire, and thrills, and Emily Woo Zeller’s narration knocks it out of the park with a slyly knowing performance. And what a title, right?”

Listen to a clip from The Self-Made Widow :

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