5 Audiobook Home Runs to Get You Ready for Opening Day

Today is opening day, which means America’s favorite pastime has kicked off another year, and the spring season is finally here. What better way is there to enjoy it (besides actually watching a baseball game), than listening to one of these great audiobooks? We have a lot of new titles, as well as some great perennials to listen to, so you can catch up on all your baseball listening and be ready to embrace the season. Play ball!

My Cubs
Author: Scott Simon
Read By: Scott Simon

How could we start off a list of suggested listens without a title about the Chicago Cubs? Listen to NPR’s Scott Simon’s personal, heartfelt recollections of his beloved Cubs and how ending the 108-year losing streak became one of the biggest baseball moments in history.
Listen to an excerpt MY CUBS


Atlanta Braves’ third baseman Chipper Jones—one of the greatest switch-hitters ever—shares his remarkable story, while capturing the magic nostalgia that sets baseball apart from every other sport.
Listen to an excerpt BALLPLAYER

Casey Stengel
Author: Marty Appel
Read By: Marty Appel

Known as Baseball’s Greatest Character, Casey Stengel spent an astounding fifty-five years in professional baseball and was the only person in history to wear the uniforms of all four New York teams: the Dodgers, Giants, Yankees, and Mets. Don’t miss this definitive biography, written and read by New York Times bestselling author and baseball historian Marty Appel.
Listen to an excerpt Casey Stengel

Who's on Worst?
Author: Filip Bondy
Read By: Scott Brick

You’ve probably read about who’s the best, but have you ever heard about who’s the worst? Who’s on Worst? is a hilarious and entertaining portrait of personalities who deserve their own place in baseball history.
Listen to an excerpt Who’s on Worst?

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