American Revolution Audiobooks
5 Audiobooks on the American Revolution

Learn more about the nuances of the American Revolution, the intricacies of how America began, and how that history relates to our present day, from acclaimed history writers.

American Creation

“Illuminating . . . Compelling . . . It is Mr. Ellis’s achievement that he once again leaves us with a keen appreciation of the good fortune America had in having the right men in the right places at the right times.” ‒Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times
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Founding Brothers
Author: Joseph J. Ellis
Read By: Bob Walter

“Founding Brothers is a wonderful book, one of the best . . . on the Founders ever written. . . . Ellis has established himself as the Founders’ historian for our time.” ‒Gordon S. Wood, The New York Review of Books
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Inventing America
Author: Garry Wills
Read By: Tom Weitzel

“A scintillating tour de force of historical detective work.” ‒Time
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Revolutionary Characters
Author: Gordon S. Wood
Read By: Scott Brick

“Pulitzer Prize–winner Wood elegantly examines the meaning of the Founding Fathers for our time and—an infinitely harder thing to discern—for their own.” –Kirkus Reviews
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Scars of Independence
Author: Holger Hoock
Read By: Scott Brick

“[R]evelatory… [it forces] readers to confront the visceral realities of a conflict too often bathed in warm, nostalgic light….The myth of an America conceived in love and sprung fully formed from the thigh of George Washington misshapes our present as much as it distorts our past.”
‒Jane Kamensky, The New York Times Book Review
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