5 Audiobooks to Listen to on Your Next Hike

As you enjoy the great outdoors on your next hike or walk, put on some headphones and listen to an audiobook. Audiobooks about outdoor enthusiasts will make you appreciate your surroundings and your own two feet even more. Here are five listens to try:


Beyond the Mountain

Steve House built his reputation on ascents throughout the Alps, Canada, Alaska, the Karakoram, and the Himalaya. In addition to mountaineering, many issues common to nonclimbing life—mentorship, trust, failure, success, goal setting, heroes, partnership—are addressed in this gripping story.
Listen to an excerpt Beyond the Mountain

The Calling

Barry Blanchard chronicles his transformation from a poor Native American/white kid from the wrong side of the tracks to one of the most respected alpinists in the world.
Listen to an excerpt The Calling

The Push

“The rarest of adventure reads: it thrills with colorful details of courage and perseverance but it enriches readers with an absolutely captivating glimpse into how a simple yet unwavering resolve can turn adversity into reward.” —The Denver Post
Listen to an excerpt The Push

Ruthless River

The true story of Holly FitzGerald and her husband, Fitz. During their yearlong honeymoon adventure of a lifetime—backpacking around the world—their plane crashes in Peru at a penal colony walled in by jungle, and their blissfully romantic journey turns into a terrifying labyrinth of escape and survival.
Listen to an excerpt Ruthless River

A Walk in the Woods
Author: Bill Bryson
Read By: Rob McQuay

Bill Bryson decided to reacquaint himself with his native country by walking the 2,100-mile Appalachian Trail. He tells its fascinating history and makes a moving plea for the conservation of America’s last great wilderness. This book has become a modern classic of travel literature.
Listen to an excerpt A Walk in the Woods


A powerful, blazingly honest memoir: the story of an 1,100-mile solo hike that broke down a young woman reeling from catastrophe—and built her back up again.
Listen to an excerpt Wild

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