5 Listens to Transport You to a New World

You Don’t Need a GPS to Fanta-SEE
By: Gilcy Aquino, Marketing & Publicity Intern

Let’s be real. We all want to get out of our everyday lives sometimes. Maybe we fantasize about going to the Bahamas while sitting in class or wish we were anywhere but at that early morning meeting where every single minute feels like a thousand years have passed. I know I have. (Definitely not you past or current teachers. You were all riveting. I paid so much attention.) Don’t worry! We have some daydream-worthy places for you to travel to without having to skip out on that meeting.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series:

What if you didn’t have to go far to find yourself in a world filled with gods, goddesses and the occasional mythical monster to battle? Maybe fight that teacher you hated because turns out she’s actually one of three evil future predicting Furries who have been failing you in class because she hates you. Did I mention she can also fly? Stepping into the world of Percy Jackson’s Manhattan, New York and wandering into Camp Half-Blood is as easy as taking the elevator at the Empire State Building to the 600th floor. Or slipping on a pair of headphones. Same thing.


Maybe you’re not really into the whole being on land thing and have found yourself day-dreaming about sailing the seven seas as a swashbuckling pirate wielding a sword and challenging anyone who dares to defy you and your crew. And while you’re at it, why not take down a seriously corrupt and evil warlord for some well-deserved revenge? The wind in your hair, the taste of salt in the breeze, the gentle rocking of the ship underneath your feet, and the sound of the waves churning below seems a thousand times better than a crowded subway train any day.

Eragon/Inheritance Cycle Series:

Okay, so thinking about being on a boat makes you seasick and staying on land to fight mythical monsters isn’t the stuff your daydream fantasies consist of. But have you ever thought of flying? Not just flying but soaring through the clouds on a DRAGON? If flying to far off places to meet with the Queen of the Elves in Elleséra, forming alliances with Dwarves in the Beor Mountains, and discovering all the hidden secrets of Alagaësia sounds less of a DRAG-on than that 4 o’clock meeting this is for you.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series:

Do you find yourself looking up at the sky and wondering what it would feel like to be among the stars? To travel to places that are literally out of this world? Or do you simply wish you didn’t have to go to the same deli around the corner everyday and therefore, a cup of space tea sounds like a dream come true? Say no more and come on board the Heart of Gold! Get in loser, we’re going space exploring.

Harry Potter Series:

What’s a perfect wishing-you-were-somewhere-else fantasy without a little bit of magic thrown into the mix? And by anywhere else, I mean Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry of course! Exploring secret passageways, grabbing a broom for a friendly match of quidditch, attending classes where you ACTUALLY want to learn (like how to brew the perfect potion for a little bit of extra luck), while making sure Mrs. Norris doesn’t catch you sneaking out of the common rooms at night sounds like an excellent place to be. Don’t forget your extendable ears and we’ll meet you aboard the Hogwarts Express!