6 Audiobooks for Recent Grads
6 Audiobooks for Recent Grads

Congratulations, class of 2023! As one chapter ends, infinite others are springing open (often at the same time and out of order—ah, the beauty of life!). It’s a thrilling time, and a daunting one too.

For recent graduates seeking wisdom, assurance, and inspiration as they strike out on their next adventures, here are a few audiobooks worth checking out that go beyond “how-tos” and venture into the “whats?!?” and “whys.” And yes, there are some truly excellent how-tos here as well.

Based on the authors’ highly sought-after undergraduate course at Yale, Life Worth Living is a guide to defining and then creating a flourishing life, and answering one of life’s most pressing questions: how are we to live? Volf, Croasmun, and McAnnally-Linz chart out this question, providing listeners with jumping-off points, road maps, and habits of reflection for figuring out where their lives hold meaning and where things need to change.

Author: Ruta Sepetys
Read By: Ruta Sepetys

Perfect for young writers heading out into the world, You: The Story is #1 New York Times bestselling author Ruta Sepetys’ first work of non-fiction. Life is story in motion, and each day you add to your story, revise it, and view it from a different angle. Sepetys is known for creating vivid characters and harrowing plots, and can affirm that the secret to strong writing is embedded within your life experience. You: The Story is a powerful how-to book for aspiring writers that weaves stories from Sepetys life with writing prompts and exercises, awakening creativity.

From the author of Start Where You Are comes an audio guide for moving through life’s biggest transitions with purpose and clarity. How It Feels to Find Yourself provides comfort for the difficult moments in life while serving as a source for deeper learning, and is a gift for anyone who is facing uncertainty or entering a new chapter in life.

Throughout her life, Elaine Welteroth has climbed the ranks of media and fashion, shattering ceilings along the way. In More Than Enough she unpacks lessons on race, identity, and success through her own journey, from navigating her way as the unstoppable child of an unlikely interracial marriage in small-town California to finding herself on the frontlines of a modern movement for the next generation of change makers. This is an audiobook perfect for high achievers who need to hear that they are enough, just as they are.

On his 68th birthday, author and leading tech thinker Kevin Kelly began to write down some things he had learned about life that he wished he had known earlier. The result became Excellent Advice for Living, timeless wisdom that gives empathic guidance on practical matters ranging from travel to troubleshooting, and serves as an ideal companion for anyone seeking to navigate life with grace and creativity.

Author: James Clear
Read By: James Clear

It’s never too soon, or too late, to rewire your habits—and as new grads venture into fresh experiences and unstructured futures, there may be no better time than the present for Atomic Habits. Written and read by James Clear, one of the world’s leading experts on habit formation, Atomic Habits reveals strategies that will teach listeners exactly how to form good habits, break bad ones, and master the tiny behaviors that lead to remarkable results.

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