6 Audiobooks Ideal for a Long Family Weekend

As parents, we constantly look for instances in the every day that can serve as potential teaching moments, or catalysts to instill good habits in our kids. While it may be a losing battle to get our little ones off the playground at sunset, or get them to keep their shoes on their feet when we’re trying to walk out the door, there is one mainstay that I personally find to be an enjoyable teaching opportunity, met with little to no resistance. That, my fellow parents, is a good story. Here are six audiobooks that teach, entertain, create opportunities for meaningful discussion, and leave the littles wanting more.

From celebrity author Kevin Hart comes the laugh-out-loud sequel to Marcus Makes a Movie about a young boy who has big Hollywood dreams–and the hustle to make it happen. In Marcus Makes it Big Marcus needs to come up with a second movie idea to follow his big hit Toothpick vs. Doom, but his friends are too preoccupied to notice. An invite to The Helen Show has Marcus thinking they’ll be back on top, but will nerves, unchecked ambition, and a rivalry between friends shut down this show before it even begins? This fun audiobook delivers a message about being creative, working hard, and learning that sometimes the best dreams are the ones you achieve with your friends.

Hope Wins is a collection of personal stories and essays from award-winning and bestselling artists. Everyone from Matt de la Peña and Veera Hiranandani to Max Brallier and R.L. Stine write about how hope always wins, even in the darkest of times. From a family restaurant to a hot-dog shaped car, from an empty road on a moonlight night to a classroom holiday celebration, this anthology shows that hope can live everywhere, even—or especially—during the darkest of times.

Author: Eric Carle
Read By: Kevin R. Free

Follow our most beloved caterpillar in The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s First Summer as he celebrates and explores the summer season with his friends. Young listeners can learn all about seasonal sensory experiences, like listening to noisy bugs, feeling the warm sunshine, smelling the yummy scents of a cookout, and so much more!

When Donovan left his copy of The Adventurers on the kitchen counter, he didn’t think his mom would read it, much less have a problem with it. Soon the entire town is freaking out about whether the book’s main characters are gay. Donovan’s mom is trying to get the book removed from the school curriculum and Donovan is caught in the middle. He doesn’t really know if the two boys fall in love at the end or not—but he does know this: even if they do, it shouldn’t matter. Interweaving three connected storylines, David Levithan delivers a bold, fun, and timely story about taking action in  Answers in the Pages .

The Merciless Ones is the second thrilling installment of the epic The Gilded Ones series in which a young heroine fights against a world that would dare tame her. It’s been six months since Deka freed the goddesses in the ancient kingdom of Otera, but war is waging, and the real battle has only just begun. With her own gifts changing, Deka must discover if she holds the key to saving Otera, or if she might be its greatest threat.