6 Audiobooks to Clear Your Mind
6 Audiobooks to Clear Your Mind

Is spring cleaning your mind a thing? If you’re feeling like there’s some clutter rattling around “the attic,” you are not alone. As we roll towards warmer weather and look for ways to freshen up, it’s a good time to sweep out the mental dust bunnies. Or in the case of these audiobooks, de-gunk family drama, “re-arrange the furniture” on our perspectives, and maybe even polish up our creativity and sense of wonder.

Bestselling author Nedra Glover Tawwab returns to read Drama Free, Susan Cain’s Bittersweet is an Oprah’s Book Club Pick, and Pico Iyer is here to blow your mind on the radical nature of paradise. Plus, body liberation with Chrissy King and chill meditations with music producer Rick Rubin. And if you want to do some actual spring cleaning while you listen, that’s an option too.

A New York Times bestseller. Every family has a story. For some, family provides a solid foundation that helps navigate life’s challenges. For others, it’s a source of pain and conflict that can feel like a lifelong burden. From relationship expert and bestselling author Nedra Glover Tawwab, Drama Free is an empowering guide that offers clear advice for identifying dysfunctional family patterns and choosing the best path to breaking the cycle.

Hear Nedra talk about recording the audiobook of Drama Free on our This Is the Author podcast.

Author: Susan Cain
Read By: Susan Cain

An Oprah’s Book Club pick. With her bestselling phenomenon Quiet, Susan Cain urged our society to cultivate space for the undervalued, indispensable introverts among us. In Bittersweet she em­ploys the same mix of research, storytelling, and memoir to explore why we experience sorrow and longing, and how embracing the bittersweetness at the heart of life is the true path to creativity, con­nection, and transcendence.

Author: Pico Iyer
Read By: Pico Iyer

Instant national bestseller. Paradise: that elusive place where the anxieties, struggles, and burdens of life fall away. Most of us dream of it, but each of us has very different ideas about where it is to be found. Traveling from Iran to North Korea, from the Dalai Lama’s Himalayas to the temples of Japan, in The Half Known Life Pico Iyer brings together a lifetime of explorations to upend our ideas of utopia and ask how we might find peace in the midst of difficulty and suffering.

“Iyer flexes his remarkable skill of reading between the lines of passing conversations to extract profound meaning and draw connections between disparate places across the world.”—The New York Times, audiobook review

Author: Chrissy King
Read By: Chrissy King

From author and wellness influencer Chrissy King, The Body Liberation Project is an exciting, genre-redefining narrative mix of memoir, inspiration, and activities and prompts, with timely messages about how the world needs to move beyond body positivity to something even more exciting and revolutionary: body liberation. The Body Liberation Project is about realizing that the goal is not to look at our bodies and love everything we see; it’s to understand that at our essence we are so much more than our bodies.

Author: Rick Rubin
Read By: Rick Rubin

A #1 New York Times bestseller. Many famed music producers are known for a particular sound that has its day. Rick Rubin is known for something else: creating a space where artists of all different genres and traditions can home in on who they really are and what they really offer. Over the years he has thought deeply about where creativity comes from and where it doesn’t, and The Creative Act distills the wisdom gleaned from a lifetime’s work into a meditative listening experience.

Author: Katherine May
Read By: Rebecca Lee

A #1 National Bestseller and Apple Books Must-Listen for March 2023. From the New York Times–bestselling author of Wintering, Enchantment is an invitation to rediscover the feelings of awe and wonder. Many of us feel trapped in a grind of constant change: rolling news cycles, the chatter of social media, our families split along partisan lines. Could there be a different way to relate to the world? In Enchantment, May invites the reader to come with her on a journey to reawaken our innate sense of wonder and identifying the quiet traces of magic that can be found only when we look for them.

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