Culinary Cozy Mysteries
6 Culinary Cozy Mysteries to Devour

A culinary cozy mystery is the perfect blend of my two favorite things: delicious food descriptions and a good whodunit. For the foodie who also likes a good mystery, these bookish bites will tantalize your taste buds, with all the action and adventure you love. Grab a snack, curl up on the couch, and enjoy these six killer reads!

When Yale Yee’s cousin Celine visits from Hong Kong, Yale is obliged to play tour guide. Not only that, but her father thinks it’s a wonderful idea for them to bond by running a food stall together at the Eastwood Village Night Market. They’re shocked that their bubble tea is a hit… until one of their customers turns up dead. In Death by Bubble Tea, Yale and Celine are prime suspects, and must work together to find out what really happened, or the only thing they’ll be serving is time.

At the end of Yellow Street, in a ruined junkyard of a house, an angry outcast hatches a scheme to take revenge for all the wrongs he has suffered. With the help of alienated neighborhood kids, he plans to hide razor blades, poison, drugs, and broken glass in Halloween candy to maim or kill innocent children. But as the clock ticks closer to sundown, will one of his helpers carry out or defeat the plan?

Author: Olivia Blacke
Read By: Megan Tusing

Bayou transplant Odessa Dean has a lot to learn about life in Brooklyn. But things turn more sour than an IPA when the death of a fellow waitress and YouTube star Bethany goes viral, caught on camera in the background of a couple’s flash-mob proposal video. Nothing about Bethany’s death feels right to Odessa. Determined to prove there’s a killer on the loose, Odessa takes matters into her own hands. But can she pin down Bethany’s killer before they take Odessa offline for good?

Things are heating up for Lila Macapagal. Her town has resurrected the Miss Teen Shady Palms Beauty Pageant, which drove a wedge between Lila and her cousin slash rival, Bernadette. But when the head judge of the pageant is murdered and Bernadette becomes the main suspect, the two must put aside their differences and solve the case—because it looks like one of them might be next.

Author: Diane Kelly
Read By: Minka Wiltz

Now that her moonshine shop is up and running, Hattie Hayes can focus her efforts on expanding her business to events in the area, like the Chattanooga Choo Choo Model Train Convention. But when an attendee dies after drinking some of Hattie’s moonshine, she’ll need to prove her innocence in The Proof is in the Poison.

Author: Amy Pershing
Read By: Patti Murin

The Fourth of July is coming, and for professional food lover Samantha Barnes, it’s all about the picnic. Sam has finally found the perfect blueberry buckle recipe in the kitchen of famed cookbook author Clara Foster, and she’s thrilled when Clara agrees to a baking lesson. But when Clara dies in a house fire blamed on carelessness in the kitchen, Sam doesn’t believe it. So, in between researching the Cape’s best lobster rolls and planning her clambake, Sam needs to find Clara’s killer before the fireworks really start…

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