Winter Listens Cozy
6 Listens to Get You Through Winter

Winter is a great time to dig into a new audiobook. You have time to spend with hefty, thought-provoking stories, whether you’re looking for fiction or nonfiction.

After the Fire

The last novel by Henning Mankell, bestselling author of the Kurt Wallander series, this is the story of an aging man whose quiet, solitary life on an isolated island off the coast of Sweden is turned upside down when his house catches fire.
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American Wolf

This is the gripping true story of one of the Yellowstone wolves, O-Six, a charismatic alpha female. As she raises her pups and protects her pack, O-Six is challenged on all fronts: by hunters, by cattle ranchers, and by other wolves vying for control. More than just O-Six’s story, it’s also the story of an ongoing cultural clash in the West.
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For the first time on unabridged audio comes Toni Morrison’s powerful mystery. From a town’s ancestral origins in 1890 to the fateful day when nine men from Ruby, an all-black town, assault the nearby Convent, this is a richly imagined story.
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Author: Juli Berwald
Read By: Juli Berwald

A former ocean scientist pursues the slippery story of jellyfish, and rediscovers her passion for marine science and for the sea’s imperiled ecosystems.
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In 1993 Norwegian explorer Erling Kagge spent fifty days walking solo across Antarctica, becoming the first person to reach the South Pole alone. By recounting his experiences and discussing the observations of poets, artists, and explorers, Kagge shows us why silence is essential to sanity and happiness.
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Spy of the First Person

The final work from the Pulitzer Prize–winning writer, actor, and musician, drawn from his transformative last days. In a braid of voices, he tells the story of an unnamed narrator who traces his memories of work, adventure, and travel as he undergoes medical tests and treatments for a deteriorating condition.
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