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7 Audiobooks for a Trip to the Museum

Listening to an audiobook can enhance your next trip to the museum. Whether it’s an art history lesson, a biography of a major artist, or a thrilling tale about an art heist, a perfectly curated audiobook may allow you to experience your physical setting and the art around you in a different way.


Robert K. Wittman, the founder of the FBI’s Art Crime Team, pulls back the curtain on his remarkable career for the first time, offering a real-life international thriller.
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Vanished Smile
Author: R.A. Scotti
Read By: Kathe Mazur

On August 21, 1911, the unfathomable happened—Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa vanished from the Louvre. For more than two years, Mona Lisa’s absence haunted the art world, provoking the question: Was she lost forever? A century later, questions still linger. Part love story, part mystery, Vanished Smile reopens the case of the most audacious and perplexing art theft ever committed.
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The Lost Painting

Prizewinning author Jonathan Harr embarks on an spellbinding journey to discover the long-lost painting known as The Taking of Christ—its mysterious fate and the circumstances of its disappearance have captivated Caravaggio devotees for years. A master of the Italian Baroque, the fascinating details of Caravaggio’s strange, turbulent career and the astonishing beauty of his work come to life in this audiobook. The Lost Painting is a remarkable synthesis of history and detective story.
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In Montmartre
Author: Sue Roe
Read By: Emma Bering

A lively and deeply researched group biography of the figures—including Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and Gertrude Stein—who transformed the world of art in bohemian Paris in the first decade of the twentieth century.
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Walk Through Walls

Marina Abramović is truly a force of nature. Here is the story of her incomparable artistic career that involves pushing her body past the limits of fear, pain, exhaustion, and danger in an uncompromising quest for emotional and spiritual transformation.
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For children and teens:

The Da Vinci Code (The Young Adult Adaptation)
Author: Dan Brown
Read By: Paul Michael

Robert Langdon, professor of religious symbology at Harvard, is in Paris to give a lecture. He is scheduled to meet with a revered curator from the world-famous Louvre museum. But the curator never shows up, and later that night Langdon is awakened by authorities and told that the curator has been found dead. With the help of French cryptologist Sophie Neveu, Langdon must decipher a mystifying trail of clues that the two come to realize have been left specifically for them.
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The Metropolitans

The day Japan bombs Pearl Harbor, four thirteen-year-olds converge at the Metropolitan Museum of Art where an eccentric curator is seeking help to track down the hidden pages of the Kelmsbury Manuscript, an ancient book of Arthurian legends that lies scattered within the museum’s collection. It holds the key to preventing a second attack on American soil.
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