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7 Cozy Mystery Audiobooks for Armchair Sleuths

Watch out Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot: there are a few new sleuths in town. And be they hired pros or amateurs unraveling a web of deceit, exposing a den of iniquity, or casually stumbling over a body in the library, they are here to solve the case. And we’re here to drop some none-too-subtle clues to help you find the best curl-up-and-listen cozy mysteries on audio this fall. Whether you like your murders in a castle, a (seemingly) tranquil retirement village, or craftier than a ball of yarn, sharpen your detective skills with these picks.

Pre-order now! In The Man Who Died Twice, author Richard Osman is back with everyone’s favorite mystery-solving quartet, and the second installment of The Thursday Murder Club series is just as clever and warm as the first—an unpausable, laugh-out-loud listening experience.

All right castle fans, here you go: in Death in Castle Dark, actor Nora Blake finds her dream job when she is cast in a murder-mystery troupe that performs in an imposing but captivating old castle. When she stumbles upon a real murder, things take a nightmarish turn in this first in an exciting new series.

In Drumsticks, the third audiobook in the Nanette Hayes Mystery series, Nan finds a voodoo doll is bringing her some much needed luck…until the doll’s maker is murdered and Nan is dragged into the investigation.

Next stop, the Roaring 1920’s! As the ultimate flapper, Vera Abramowitz captures the attention of two high rollers and gains entrĂ©e into a world filled with bootleg bourbon, wailing jazz, and money to burn. She thinks her biggest problem is choosing between her beaus—until the truth comes out: her two lovers are really mobsters from rival gangs. Cue the crime!

In the second installment of the Nanette Hayes Mystery series, Nan is on her way to Paris in search of her missing aunt…but will she lose more than just her heart in the city of love?

For Libby Beckett, opening her charming yarn shop and introducing customers to the joys of knitting and crochet is the work she was meant to do. Until the yarn she loves is used for murder and she finds herself On Skein of Death.

It’s the summer of 1953, and Elizabeth Grady is settling into Haggerman’s Catskills Resort. As a vacation getaway, Haggerman’s is ideal, but when a reclusive guest is found dead in a lake on the grounds, the local police chief is convinced that the man was a Russian spy. But Elizabeth isn’t so sure, and with the fate of the resort hanging in the balance, she’ll need to dodge red herrings, withstand the Red Scare, and catch a killer red-handed.

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