National Poetry Month
7 Listens to Celebrate National Poetry Month

There’s no time like the present to hone your lyrical chops and listen to a poetry collection on audio. And for more fun with stanzas, turn your next virtual hang into a reading and ask everyone to bring a poem they like to the group. You can pick a theme (Sonnets? Odes? Haiku? Free verse? Blank verse? Poems about animals/food/the sea/love/loathing/boats?) or let the Muse be your guide—either way, it’s cracking good fun.

Sometimes only a poem will do. These poetic prescriptions and wise words of advice are tailored to those moments in life when we need them most. Whatever you’re facing, there is a poem in this audio collection that will do the trick.

Author: Maya Angelou
Read By: Maya Angelou

Grace, dignity, and eloquence have long been hallmarks of Maya Angelou’s poetry. Her measured verses have stirred our souls, energized our minds, and healed our hearts. Whether offering hope in the darkest of nights or expressing sincere joy at the extraordinariness of the everyday, Maya Angelou has served as our common voice.

Author: Mary Oliver
Read By: Mary Oliver

A New York Times bestselling collection of favorite poems. Beloved by her fans, Oliver’s dog poems offer a special window into her world. In Dog Songs she offers portraits of the companions that have accompanied her daily walks, warmed her home, and inspired her work—opening our eyes to the lessons of the moment.

For over four decades, Carolyn ForchĂ©’s groundbreaking poems have been testimonies, inquiries, and wonderments. They daringly map a territory where poetry asserts our inexhaustible responsibility to each other. In the Lateness of the World is a revelation from one of the finest poets writing today.

Author: John Kenney
Read By: John Kenney

In the spirit of his New York Times bestseller Love Poems for Married People and Love Poems for People with Children, as well as his wildly popular New Yorker pieces, Thurber Prize-winner John Kenney presents a hilarious new collection of poetry for anxious people.

At times blistering and riotous, at times soulful and exuberant, Life of the Party explores the boundary between what is real and what is imagined in a life saturated with fear. In precise, searing language, she illustrates how what happens to our bodies can make us who we are.

Listen to Olivia Gatwood talk about recording her audiobook on our This Is the Author podcast.

The first selection of poems by renowned Iranian poet Garous Abdolmalekian to appear in English, this collection is a mesmerizing, disorienting descent into the trauma of loss and its aftermath. In spare lines, Abdolmalekian conjures surreal, cinematic images that pan wide as deftly as they narrow into intimate focus.

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