Must-Listen Thrillers
7 Must-Listen Thrillers to Hear Right Now

Usually fall is the time of year for leaning in to the scary with stories of things that go bump in the night or adrenaline filled adventures that make you all kinds of nervous. But real thriller-lovers know it’s a year round affliction: it’s hard to press pause, especially if there are cliffhangers involved.

Feed that need for a thrill with the latest mysteries and thrillers on audio:

Twins Jeanie and Jamie King are inseparable. Stuck in rural Washington with their alcoholic father, they cling to one another. Until one day their father is gone…and so is Jamie. Twenty years later, Jeanie is in England drinking too much, sleeping with a married man, and speaking to a therapist she doesn’t respect. But her old life is about to catch up to her in The Lost Kings.

From the host of the #1 true crime podcast Crime Junkie, a journalist uncovers her hometown’s dark secrets when she becomes obsessed with the unsolved murder of her childhood neighbor—and the disappearance of another girl twenty years later in All Good People Here.

Author: Ava Glass
Read By: Sophie Colquhoun

Nothing about Emma Makepeace is real. Not even her name. A newly minted secret agent, Emma’s barely graduated from basic training when she gets the call for her first major assignment. In Alias Emma, the new spy has twelve hours to deliver her asset across London after Russia hacks the city’s security cameras. Can she make it without being spotted . . . or killed?

Hans Rekke is capable of dizzying feats of logic and observation. But he also has a fragile psyche that falls apart under pressure. Micaela Vargas is a street-smart police officer who grew up in the projects. Micaela needs Hans’s mind to help her solve the case of a murdered asylum-seeker from Afghanistan. Hans needs Micaela to save him from himself. In Dark Music, together, they need to find the killer before they’re both silenced for good.

Alice Lawrence is the sole witness in her sister’s murder trial. And in the year since Claire’s death, Alice’s life has completely fallen apart. As Alice prepares to give her testimony, she is knocked out in the courthouse bathroom. When she wakes up, it is Halloween night a year earlier, the same day Claire was murdered. In How to Survive Your Murder, Alice has until midnight to save her sister and find the real killer before he claims another victim.

Author: Karen Rose
Read By: Lee Osorio

Molly Sutton knows she can take down any bad guy. But when a family tragedy exposes the dark side of her local police, she joins up with Burke Broussard, who left New Orleans PD to set up a private investigative service for people who couldn’t find justice elsewhere. When Molly gets assigned to a case about a a deliberately botched investigation in Quarter to Midnight, she works alongside an unlikely (and handsome) ally to unravel a web of crimes, corruption, and murder.

Author: Dwyer Murphy
Read By: Ari Fliakos

From the editor-in-chief of CrimeReads. A restless attorney makes ends meet by picking up odd jobs from a colorful assortment of clients. When a mysterious woman named Anna Reddick turns up at his apartment and asks him to track down her missing husband who she believes has been pilfering rare true crime volumes from her collection, he trusts it will be a quick and easy case. But then the real Anna Reddick lands on his doorstep with a few bones to pick in An Honest Living.