7 Places You Love to Listen to Audiobooks

There are so many great places to listen to an audiobook. The options really are limitless, but we wanted to know which places our audiobook listeners loved the most. So we posed the question to you, and here are your answers:

1. In the car…

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Whether you’ve got a long commute to work or are taking a family road trip, listening to an audiobook makes the time fly and eases the annoyance of being stuck in traffic.

2. At work…

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You’re a hard worker, but sometimes you need to take a little break from your to-do list and your co-workers’ arguments over their fantasy football teams.  Audiobooks provide the perfect opportunity to escape into another world.

3. In the great outdoors…

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Hiking, biking, or walking, our listeners lead very active lives.  In addition to burning calories and taking in the fresh air, listening to audiobooks is a great way to catch up on your weekly reading goals.

4. In bed…

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Just because you’re tired, it doesn’t always mean you can go right to sleep.  Sometimes curling up in bed and listening to your favorite narrator is the soothing lull you need to get to sleep—at least until the author decides to throw a cliffhanger at you!

5. Around the house…

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Ugh, you just cleaned the house last week! How can it already be so messy? You had some serious reading plans, but no worries.  Audiobook listeners like you know how to turn mundane tasks into an adventure, while tackling your long reading lists.

6. At the grocery store…

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Those groceries are not going to buy themselves.  Your super long list of items can seem daunting, but really it just gives you more time to listen to your new Star Wars audiobook.  One minute you’re deciding which cereal to buy and the next you’re a Jedi Master defeating the Empire.

7. In the crafts room…

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Whether you’re weaving, sewing, or gluing, there’s nothing better than listening to an audiobook while doing your favorite crafts. This time of year, especially, calls for festive outfits and decorations. So while you’re hard at work preparing for the next big ugly Christmas sweater party—you’re going to win this year, you just know it!—press play on your newest read and truly get your craft on.

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Happy Listening!